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RE: New personal experience and feelings: to price my work, and to put it on sale.

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I can identify with most of what you are talking about here. I also struggle with the same thoughts and never sure what is the best way to take really is. So, of course the most ideal think would be to have a art dealer who would do all the selling, promoting, etc...but, somehow I realise my style is not something galerists can be sure to sell, I don´t play up enough of the crazy artist (because these paintings would only commercialise this way) or I´m not modern/coolenough (in a "latest trend" way), because I want to be free to do the art I feel from inside, I don´t count on selling it to survive. If I did that, it would affect the way I paint. I´d be painting to be liked by others. I chose to have a regular income from another source and keep the discipline of painting to be free. I am just sharing my perspective on this. You might find some info interesting or not. Who knows. When I have to price them I´m always in doubt, but I do use my emotional connection to them to have them priced, the more they mean to me and I still need them around the higher the price. When I´m done with them, even looking at them I can let them go very cheaply or give them away. Paintings have lessons to teach me, usually, so they tell me. i ask them.


Thanks @romanie for your point of view :)

We share the same point of view on that emotional link.

That's very strong, in particular at this stage when you know you won't add any other touch on the creation but you keep seeking for something in it. Same when stopping at some intermediate stages knowing that if you continue too early, you'll miss something that should come from the painting.

Even if I haven't tried too much to get in contact with professional/market actors, I haven't liked what I've felt during these few encounters... Another world than mine, that seeks for products, which kills the spiritual aspect of the work.

I know what you mean! Right!

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