PUENTES. painting 2015

in art •  21 days ago

"Puentes"21x36cm. Egg tempera and Oli on masonite. Ibiza 2015

This is one of the smaller paintings I did in 2015 when exploring this technique of oil and white egg tempera.
I left it rough because I liked the effect.
I also had no plan when I started but it grew as I found shapes in it. This is one of those spaces I seem to revisit in many paintings. I wonder where it is.

Best Wishes,


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Thank you!

"I wonder where it is" - I ask myself the same question about the majority of my output in the seventies and eighties. I don't even have photos of most of it.
yes, sometimes it is a good idea to leave well enough alone.
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yes, you are right!

I rather like it! The place — whether just in your mind, or a real space — reminds me of the unusual rock formations in Cappadocia, in Turkey.


oh yes.. I have never been there. It is a place that attracts me!