Mechanical stop. painting 2006

in #art4 years ago

This is an other of my earlier works from back in 2006.
This little painting was living in Northern California at the time of the devastating fires of 2015 in Clearlake.
My friend escaped safely but lost her whole life history in her home and this was one of the paintings that went to cinders.
Lucky I have a photo.
During the time I was painting this I was working on a lot of inner issues concerning relating to the world around me.

I hope you like this image.

Best Wishes,


I'm so sad to hear this was lost in a fire but it's very beautiful! I included it in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

Thank you Juliakponsford!

Bushfires are frightening things... I am glad you have a photo of this lost beautiful work ! The colours and the composition are really wonderful <3 The ghostlike arms of the clock really puts a mechanical stop feel to the painting <3

Thank you Veryspider! Yes, I´m lucky to have a picture of it!

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