figtree farmhouse Ibiza 2019.

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27x22cm acrylic on wood. Ibiza 2019

Here, another little one I just finished!
Also inspired on the Ibiza landscape! :-)





Best Wishes!


A very lovely one, @romanie :) I really like the colours, I think ... that pink/purple/mauve sky at the beginning of your process is a little different from you? Once it arrived where you took it to the blue tones, though, we can see that it carries your distinctive style so nicely <3

The movements of the winds in the sky is very pretty and full with flowing energies, and I love the fig trees in their circles... with their pale roots deep into the rich earth! Very nice ! <3

Thank you for you insight on this one! :-)

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Thank you so much!

Nice to see the different steps :)
Thanks for sharing @romanie :)

Thank you Berien!

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