ABSTRACT 7. painting 2018

in art •  3 months ago


I just finished this piece a couple of days ago. It was originally a painting I was stuck with and didn´t know how to continue and I did some work over it with acrylics and then when it dried I worked on these shapes with oil...

So this was the image of the painting I was stuck on

So, then I poured some paint...




Then I glazed it and worked a bit more on it till it looked like this.
60x81cm mixed media 2018.

and here a few close up details:



I hope you enjoy this latest work I´m working on. Best wishes



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@romanie How beautiful is the art you create through your paintings. Great talent. Amazing how you go step by step developing ideas and new creations. Getting good results with every detail you add. The final result is incredible and very beautiful. It is so gratifying to see how the ideas to continue with the painting came about. Nice to see your good work. A big hello. Happy day. Happy day.


Muchisimas gracias por tus palabras Yeninsfer! He visto que eres de Venezuela... yo de España.. así nos comunicamos en español! ;-) Saludos!

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Thank you!

Hi romanie,

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Thank you!

The painting looks really nice, I love it. The transformation looks really interesting, each step looks like a painting of its own, I enjoyed going through them. I do love the close up views and all the details it reveals, it makes your work have a different touch with each view...


Thank you Audrey!

It is always interesting to observe changes in the process of work. Some fragments seemed to me similar to the cross-cut pattern on the stone.


Yes, there is some resemblance! Thank you!

This looks to me like the birth of a universe, but of course with abstract paintings, it can be interpreted differently by many people. I enjoy looking at it :).          
Congratulations on your curie vote.        


Thank you Scrawly!

This is an amazing colour story and I feel like I'm slipping through the layers of creation at the big bang that started it all. Really powerful piece.


Thank you so much Donna! :-)

I'm stunned!
What a wonderful work of art indeed!
Keep up the great work @romanie!


Thank you so much Ronel!


You're welcome!

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oh! Thank you!

This painting has been like 3 or 4 completely different paintings, especially with the different techniques you are using. That is a very interesting devellopment


Thank you Theatoog!

Really beautiful! I currently struggle with some of my flow paintings... I want them to have more "depth", more to it than just beautiful colours and patterns. On some I made black and white drawings, but it doesn't feel like a flowing process yet. How do you enhance them like this, how do you know what to do when?


Thank you Almarlene for stopping by to visit. If you are interested in knowing more about this process I guess you can visit this blog,.. it has taken a lot of research of inner processes...it´s quite personal I guess. Here is the link to the conclusion page, but there is much more from a year before...https://walkingindifferentwaysofseeing.blogspot.com/p/17th-of-august-2018.html Best Wishes!


Thanks a lot! I will read it when I have a quiet minute :-)


Thank you !

there is such an energy with this one, @romanie <3 it feels like 'epiphany' to me, or a visual representation of the feeling of 'epiphany' anyway <3 gorgeous colours, the reds are very primal and alive <3

also love the journey that this painting went through, amazing creative path that led to its final version * ___ *


Thank you Veryspider!

Fantastic work! There are so may different pieces living inside this one. Resteemed.


Thank you!

Wow, your work was nice. Especially you explained the steps how you finished this painting. The mixtures of colors from every steps it brought to a final piece of beautiful art. When I look at your finished work, I seems saw a peacock in your drawing:). This is how art work, it leave to our imagination on what we can see from the drawing. Good art!!


Thank you Olivia!

Beautiful art post I like this post and great painting art I appreciate your valuable post thanks for sharing this post


Thank you Shiab!

This is a stunning abstract work @romanie. I like how you are able to pour paint over the piece and work it your way. I like abstract pieces and this is truly one to remember. They do look like the brain neurons at certain angle :) Thank you @romanie for sharing your work with us.


Thank you MArblely for looking into this piece! Best Wishes!


Hi @romanie,

Love your work. I especially like this one where you take something you had been working on but weren't quite happy with and transform it into this amazing looking work. Great job!

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Thank you so much for this! I am happy to be featured but I just saw it today, it might be late to include anything, sorry! Any further information can also be found on my web . www.romanie.net . Best Wishes!

Very nice my friend. I think it turned out rather well for something you were stuck on. Did you give it a name or did I miss that somewhere? It actually makes me think of an undersea orchestra, with pipes and some stringed instruments, complete with sea fans and jellyfish and anemone. Now that's just what I see, with something like this it could bring many images to mind but it just has such a rich warm tone that gives it a homey and musical feel to me.
Great post and congrats on that curie vote, those are always awesome.


Thank you Coinsandchains! The idea is to leave it open to interpretation... so it works! :-)


lol, and here I go trying to analyse it, but that's just my nature I guess. I want everything to fit in it's place. lol, which is probably why I'm not an artist.