ABSTRACT 6. painting 2018

in art •  3 months ago

43x55cm. Oil on wood. 2018 Ibiza.

This is one painting I have recently finished..

It started like this...



...and finally turned into this...


Best Wishes from Ibiza...



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I love the depth of the surface, is this poured and reaction in glazes? It has an almost ceramics glaze quality to it.


Than you Donna!
The base as made with liquid acrylic and I poured some spots of turpentine to react on it, once it was dry I worked over with oils.


Thank you! :-)

so beautiful and organic <3 i love that this one has a feel of kinetic energy on it ! a force or a movement !!! another wonderful piece, @romanie <3


Thank you so much Veryspider!

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Thank you!

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thank you!