Photo-Manipulation "Water Bulb Portrait Effect" Created In Photoshop

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Electric bulb and filling it with water to create some cool Photo-Manipulations is among the most popular effects people try in Adobe Photoshop.Today I also made this water bulb Portrait effect in Adobe Photoshop. I shot a portrait of my brother and downloaded some png and background images from internet and created this cool art.

  • Creation Process GIF:


  • Reference Images Used In The Above Effect:


Nikon D5600 Photograph Captured By Me







If you also want to try this effect, I have given the links of the images above. Use them and do not forget to give credits to the owners of the photographs. Share your cool effects in the comments below and I will reward them.


I am also providing the links of my facebook page and Youtube Channel named "Design Hub" related to graphics designing, photo retouching, editing, motion graphics and 3D designing.

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I am a Graphic Designer, 3D Architectural Visualization Designer, Motion Artist, Sketch Artist and A Photographer. I work as a freelancer and update my works here regularly. You can contact me on telegram and discord at the following links.
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Greetings From @rocksg




Light bulbs represent an idea and usually a good idea. I like your idea of a new idea on an object that represents a new idea.

Thanks for your feedback.

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