Good animation, I really like the pattern, where the flowers are aligned into the opposite direction than the other flowers!

My personal problem is, that the animation isn't truly smooth.
Perhaps you should add a linear extrapolation to it, so the speed doesn't increase at the beginning and doesn't fall off at the ending.

But perhaps you wanted to make it look like that, if that is the case, don't mind my critique!

Appreciate the feedback @magiliw ! I'm still learning a lot about blenders animation workflow so all the critiques and notes help. Working on some new stuff tonight and I'll add linear extrapolation to it, I see what you mean, I used to use that in AE. After Effects and Blender are worlds apart though lol the learning curve still feels pretty steep and I've been on blender for a few years now.. have you used some other software like C4D or maya?

I will be happy to see your progress!
Blender is indeed quite harsh with the learning curve, but that makes mastering it even more intense!

About the different softwares topic:
My personal plan was to first learn a vast amount of useful techniques from Blender, to utilize these in different softwares.
I have heard, that the techniques shouldn't differ too much from 3d software to 3d software.

Interesting. Did you make it?

Thanks yeah I made the animation and gif. Turned out a little darker than i hoped :/ needs some work

Hi Rick,
Im starting new FB group for designers and design lovers on Steemit to post their articles and support each other.

Thanks for the invite, I'd rather not use Facebook to talk about Steemit. Seems like that defeats the purpose? There are so many other places to shout out posts like this in a slack or discord.. Anything other than Facebook! Even a r/steemitdesigners would be better.

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