My new woodcrafting tool! - turning wood

in #art7 years ago

Last week I bought a new woodcrafting tool!

A "turning machine" or how should it be translated? Let me know if I am wrong :D

It's not a new one - obviously - and so far I could not get started yet. Not really actually. I tried it for a short time and now I know:
It is not as easy as it looks, at least for me :D
But I did not install it properly and it was shaking a lot (I just wanted to try it out as fast as possible :D I will build me a table for it I think). And in addition I do not know if my tools are the best ones for wood turning.. But I will try.

So far I am thinking of turning a vase and/or a bowl. But I also considered an additional Future24Coin. Maybe in the other design.. I also bought new carving tools, excpecially for carving tiny things! This would make the possible next one way easier.

Let me know in the comments what you would like to see!

Maybe I already have time to start this weekend with the new project! :)


Wow, this tool looks heavy! Im sure this is a great new tool for your amazing wood art work.

Yeah it is :D

Hi! It's called a lathe in english. Looking to buy one myself soon. Very useful, have fun!

Oh thanks for telling :)
I will :D

finding words with , turning machine is also good translation.

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