Playing With Gelly Roll Gel Pens

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A Red Flower and Butterfly (WIP)

WIP=Work In Progress

11x 14 Black Sketch Paper and Sakura Gelly Roll Pens

I was playing around with color and form and found out I like the white cross contouring look, my next drawing will be using this technique exclusively. I was playing around and looked up different kinds of line drawing and found out I hadn't invented this technique....hahaha (I am self-taught).

I outlined my white charcoal sketch with a white gel pen. I am keeping track of the colors I use the most, and I just bought couple more white pens. I like the look of white lines on black paper. I think I will do some human anatomy sketches as well. I can see skeletons in my mind's eye on black paper. But also the human form sketched out with a white pen on black paper would have a striking effect.

I lightly sketched out my idea from a photograph I found online. If you can't figure out what you want to draw, do a word search for ideas and look at some photographs. I want to do a series of butterflies and flowers; there is an endless supply of ideas online. If you want to use one photograph and know the author's name send them an email and ask if you can use their photograph for a painting. Most of the time they will say yes, "But please cite my original photo." Most of the time I take ideas from dozens of photographs I find online and put together my painting. Sometimes I can't find what I want, particularly when I draw people. I make my family pose for me and take a photograph.

I have 68 different colored pens with two different tip sizes. The color of the pen casing does not represent the true color of the pen's ink. Also, the pen's ink will change color depending on the color of your paper. Getting to know my colors in this medium is fun, I love to explore new things. Some people may think this looks like a lot of work, your idea of work is my idea of fun!

My memory works best when I write down information in detail. For some reason doing this task sticks the data into my long-term memory data banks I call my memory library. I learned how to do this memory trick from a psychology class I took, and my professor mentioned mnemonics memory tricks.

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  • Since 1984 After intense research and development, Sakura was first to market with the invention of gel inks in 1984. Sakura has continued to master gel ink technology offering a variety of colors, opaqueness and special effects. Today, Sakura Gelly Roll® pens come in medium and fine point Classic gel ink, Metallic, sparkly Stardust®, dual color Silver Shadow® and Gold Shadow®, and bright and creamy Moonlight®.

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    It really looks 3D really, how is it really work In progress when it looks like an already fantastic finished piece? This is beautiful better than any I've seen

    I have thought about finishing the butterfly and the stem of the flower and leaving the unfinished flower as is....I think about it today, you are brilliant @josediccus!

    You have nice vision for create those painting. Ha ha also you found lot of meaningful arts for create various work. I saw your chickensaurs painting like these.

    I have 68 different colored pens with two different tip sizes.

    Omg...It's great news to us because you'll do more soon using those 68 colors. Great work @reddust.

    I know so many colors to choose from @templeflower...What I do is develop a color scheme before I start adding color to my drawing. I pick out my colors and that's all I will keeps the confusion of too many choices out of my way.

    Wow i love the final outcome of the white petals, they are really beautiful and the butterfly is so cute

    I can see skeletons in my mind's eye on black paper

    I wish my minds eye will just work with me for once, he's got a mind of his own

    Perhaps i should try this, thanks for your advice for sharing this beautiful piece of art


    Your minds eye is like a muscle, it is your imagination. Much like meditation you have to exercise and develop discipline without getting too uptight...relax but not lax...and practice with patience is the key for me...Thank you @mistakili

    .relax but not lax...and practice with patience is the key for me

    Thank you, i will put them to practice

    Consistency is one of the way for someone to keep improving, your art work this days is soo marvel and beautiful and I think it is as a result of being consistent in it.

    I acknowledge the way you explain and details your art, I always thought I was the only one noticing that until I got someone commented about it yesterday in your post .

    You always sketch your art nicely, you are really endowed with great talent. like the gel-pen because it makes your work more beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful art with us @reddust. Thanks for your care always,you are soo kind and generous.


    @ohakfarm, mastering any skill takes attention to detail and discipline, with a large amount of patience and stubbornness, anyone can do this kind of art. I am finding I enjoy explaining what is going on in my head and the process I go through. I would like everyone to try their hand at creating something beautiful, it lifts the heart.

    @reddust, Absolutely brilliant art work again (very soon) using Gel pen. Finally made amazing color combination. Those butterfly seems 3D live looks indeed. Also well excluded advice to beginners who want to make best arts. You're the leader of arts.

    The butterfly still needs a lot of work, the gel pens are a blast, they are so easy to work with. I think anyone could learn how to create art using these pens. They are great for making greeting cards and family albums too! Thank you @madushanka

    Have you ever thought about trying digital art? It might be really cool experience for you!

    I've tried digital art @sadpotato, but I don't get the same happy feeling I get when using my hands...I need to manipulate the medium, real paint and art leaves me feeling empty...although I do enjoy great digital art!

    I have no experience in painting but these pictures are really wonderful I liked
    They have wonderful colors

    thank you for sharing with us

    @the.big, I have read learning how to draw or create art, even learning how to cook, it's an art too, helps lift the spirit and makes a human feel better about themselves and the world around them.

    Yes sir @reddust Every art you learn helps you in life and makes your chances of success great

    True artists just play with color and ended by transforming a great sketch or drawing. Beautiful painting reveals your creativity and artistic work
    Remembering 68 different colored pens is an amazing job. @reddust only true artist learn the art

    I think we all can be true artist, but like any other skill one needs to work very hard to build up their skill set...but why not have fun while practicing right? Thank you @kamchore.

    You're simply amazing, you are full of talents. Mnemonics are actually good because it helps you learn faster.

    Everyone should learn techniques of how to remember, but sadly like critical thinking it is not taught in American Primary Schools...I don't understand why our schools to don't our children how to learn, they only teach them how to take tests...sigh

    Educational standards are going diminishing, and technology has come with some disadvantages too.

    another skill of your art is now showing with gelly roll gel pens, this is called creativity.

    A skill I am just learning right now as I write...hahaha, you can learn with me @sheikh27

    What a beautiful drawing!......just amazing butterfly taking honey from flower.....!

    The flower with butterfly on canvas- excellent art.

    Thank you @angelode, however canvas is usually covered with gesso paint as a sealant. I am using black paper.

    Wow.. amazing pic. Nice drawing and nature.its toutch my mind.really nice art. Tnx for share

    Wc. Tnx replie my comment.. tnx again..

    Great job and very artistic painting mrs @reddust, I like your passion and creativity, thank you very much for your sharing to us valuable post, success always for you

    Really unbelivable art by @Reddust
    must resteem this awesome work

    We are seeing this beautiful art and enjoying easily. But the hard work behind this was so creative. Appreciate about your creativity.I will wait to see more next.
    Thank you so much @reddust

    You are becoming a great artist day by day. Sometimes we are unaware about our hidden talent.

    I don't care of I become a famous artist, I enjoy creating art and I like sharing my adventures with others. Thank you @gauttam

    what a creativity!!!!!!!!!1 this art proves that you have great creativity in art

    Such a adorable Gel pen painting @reddust. It's easier than water color painting. You've passion now also don't need long term for Gel pen work. What's a creativity. I'm stunning with your art work. Also well explained here.

    Amazing, and in my opinion you are going great, so keepup, and i am waiting to watch the end result. And it's really great to hear that you have collection of 68 pens for your art work. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

    Wow, wow oh wow . I’m blown away My friend. This is absolutely amazing . Awww this is so beautiful. You’re talented my friend. I hope to see your paintings in the top galleries in the world. Kudos

    @reddust, absolutely bright artwork using gel pen Finally created amazing color combination. Those butterflies actually show up. You're the leader of the industry



    Artists play with color only. Finished by transforming a great sketch or drawing. Beautiful painting reveals your creativity.
    An excellent job to remember 68 different color pen. @reddust learn only the true artists industry

    100% upvoted and resteem

    can you explain a little about mnemonics memory tricks.? I am interested to know.
    looks art has a part of life today, very very beautiful picture ,,

    drawing more interesting to note, whether to choose a random image? or you have a special reason to choose butterflies and flowers?

    It is wonderful! I like it! Many beautiful colors! Great work!

    You are really an artist! You are great at drawing with gel pencils ... Your work is really good. Hope you are well! Good night♥

    Such a glorious painting with Gel pens and extremely best description. Nice review. I think Gel pen creations more brightness than water color paintings. The butterfly much stunning with color distribution. Awesome work @reddust.

    Sometimes I become too scared of painting after watching how many details you put into your drawings lol.

    Wonderful art
    i like it very much

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    Excellent creation I love the shape of the wings of the butterfly and the colors that you put on it. I hope to see the final result

    Butterfly and flower looks very realistic. Good work!

    wow Beautiful art in progress will like to see this complete i believe you will make it another awesome thing ..

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