Iceland Horses Watercolor (WIP)

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Tomorrow I should finish up this piece. Man, this one dragged on and on, it's been a month. I need to place shadows of the horses on the ground. I will be blending and rubbing out colors to give the shape and shadows of my subject. I'm going to work on the clouds a little bit more to add shadows. I'll be strengthening the outline of the portals designs too. The shapes get washed out here and there as I worked on the sky and grass. The horse in the background needs a bit more work, refining patterns on the mane and tail and shadows on the body.

I haven't decided on my next painting. I'm thinking of either a famous Rugby player or a classic car.

19x23, 300lb hot press cotton paper, Posca pens, watercolor, silver gouache.


Kelpie, or water kelpie, is a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the lochs and pools of Scotland. It is a Celtic legend, and other cultures seem to have adopted it as well. It has usually been described as appearing as a horse but can take human form. (Wiki) .


Iceland Horse stands around 13 to 14 hands tall. The horse was used primarily for farming. Vikings were the warriors and the elite of their culture; they usually traveled by ships for trading and raiding when they weren't farming.




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Its good to see you again, color and paint brush is always busy with you.

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I decided to come and check out the eco-system now that Tron has bought Steemit and we have Steemit communities. It is good to see you @sheikh27! Thank you <3

Very beautiful my friend! You express the emotion in the faces of our old friends. I have missed seeing you around. Hope you are well and all is good. Blessings @reddust.

So nice to see you again @enjoywithtroy, you are still playing your piano! Horses have amazing expressions <3

You have finally come. I want to see your beautiful projects again. @reddust 😉

You are still here too, I missed you all. I am so sorry for bugging out on Steemit, but I felt so bad about the mismanagement issues I had to leave. Now I am back because I see Steemit has different owners and I am curious to see what will change regarding Steemit economy. Thank you for the compliment @turkishcrew.

Great work! you're very talented!

I have enormous respect for your patience levels!!!!! Am sure you are REALLY looking forward to finishing!

Thank you @jaynie, patience is a virtue and part of my practice. It's patience or go crazy ...hahaha

I can definitely relate to that.

Awesome to see you back ! How have you been ? That is one impressive painting. I think your work would never get old hanging on the wall because there are so many small details. It must be feeling good to finish something that you have been working on so long, a great feeling of accomplishment:)

Thank you @dandesign86, working on detailed works like this reminds me of running a marathon. You feel like you are going to die during certain parts, elated during other parts, exhausted and can't run anymore at the end. But the ending feels so good...crazy right?

I can definitely imagine that ! It is really peaceful to do something like this, I need to change my watching tv habits to something creative like this instead !

Beautiful painting, welcome back 🙏🏽

Thank you @fleur, it's nice to see you and your lovely creations!

Hiiii @reddust remember me?? 😁
It's really been a while, since I came back, kept checking on ur blog but realised u probably took some days or month off. How are you doing ma, really been a while. Your creativity just got much more better day after day, months after months.
You rock... Happy to see u back in full action.

I hope to see more...lovely work by Al means. Cheers to a comeback 🍻

I am back but I don't know for how long, I've been blacklisted by a bunch of science Nazies that don't like my Vaccine posts. There is no place to contest an unfair blacklist based on ideological disagreements. The blasted post was written 2 years ago and has been such a pain in the's crazy, like clown world or the upside-down world. But besides that my world is going well and I hope your world is going well too. I remember you <3

That's no good news at all... Probably something must have gone wrong or maybe it was a mistake.
Try checking if is steemstem. You could ask on discord if you are a member or I can help you out with the discord link to join .
So sorry to hear that

I finally got in contact with Steemstem and they took care of the problem. It was two years ago and there was really nothing wrong with my articles except for ideological issues. The problem was corrected and I was invited to write for Steemstem, I just have to avoid conspiracies lololol

Oh wao, thank goodness. That's great.
I am happy it's resolved.

I was invited to write for Steemstem

That will be great you know... 😂

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