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RE: Iceland Horses Watercolor (WIP)

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Hiiii @reddust remember me?? 😁
It's really been a while, since I came back, kept checking on ur blog but realised u probably took some days or month off. How are you doing ma, really been a while. Your creativity just got much more better day after day, months after months.
You rock... Happy to see u back in full action.

I hope to see more...lovely work by Al means. Cheers to a comeback 🍻


I am back but I don't know for how long, I've been blacklisted by a bunch of science Nazies that don't like my Vaccine posts. There is no place to contest an unfair blacklist based on ideological disagreements. The blasted post was written 2 years ago and has been such a pain in the's crazy, like clown world or the upside-down world. But besides that my world is going well and I hope your world is going well too. I remember you <3

That's no good news at all... Probably something must have gone wrong or maybe it was a mistake.
Try checking if is steemstem. You could ask on discord if you are a member or I can help you out with the discord link to join .
So sorry to hear that

I finally got in contact with Steemstem and they took care of the problem. It was two years ago and there was really nothing wrong with my articles except for ideological issues. The problem was corrected and I was invited to write for Steemstem, I just have to avoid conspiracies lololol

Oh wao, thank goodness. That's great.
I am happy it's resolved.

I was invited to write for Steemstem

That will be great you know... 😂