The winner of the Sweetsssj art contest is . . . Vee2180 10 Steem for painting category: first place!

in art •  last year

As you don't know.
The Sweetsssj art contest was held this past month.
45 Steem were up for grabs in the Sweetsssj Art contest.
The best Art in one of three categories was to be awarded:

Painting: 1st 10 steem / snd: 5 steem
Drawing: 1st 10 steem / snd: 5 steem
Digital: 1st 10 steem / snd: 5 steem
Original post here:

Friend of the arts and Man About Town Henry Gant pledged The 45 steem worth: $205.65 at the time of this writing.
The Idea was to collect into one place all the artwork that individuals have painstakenly produced of @sweetsssj
and give them some reward for their effort; in addition, find a way of producing a coffee table book to present to Sweetsssj.

Again, Henry Gant in association with the website: would fund the project.

Unfortunately, I must inform all, that due to the lack of interest and participation there will be no forthcoming art book.

Happily, U5drajsLJavJb8kdaYX6WvFbzRLJpFy_1680x8400.jpgthe winning Art can be seen in this post!!!

Thank you all so much.

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Thank you so much! :)


A very special thank you, @vee2180.


H. G.

Nice boss

Congratulations @vee2180 it's an amazing art keep it up

post beautuful my friend.nice

@vee2180 what an #awesome job . I wish I could also be participating in this , unfortunately I am so new here but yes I am fully interested in anything related to art I am a huge art lover .... I would be highly privileged in taking part in such contest and to show my happy color palette .

Randolph, There will be a book.
You will present Sweetsssj this book in your gallery on 2/3/2018
You will be in your gallery as you imagine it to be.

That's how we roll.

H. G.

I will do the write-up.

I am really amazed to see your photo collections .It is very sharp and beautiful.

very good

Noted with thanks @randolphrope.Great initiative go ahead ...

Thank you. I will save your link. My friends are interested in such activities. Well, that there is a site where you can see such artistic art.

Stunning ! How long did it take to paint?


Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

Very nice, Plz, follow me

so nice boss

nice winner! well done!