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Massive Attack is a Bristol (UK) born Trip-Hop band. A band I really love! For some reason I didn't post a lot about them; It is already more than 5 months ago I wrote about my most favourite album of this formation - "Mezzanine" (here).

This weekend I was - by chance - listening to their remix version of Mezzanine and that lead me to writing this post bringing you not this remix album, but their latest album "Heligoland". An album produced in 2010, and for sure also one to be liked and loved.

What do you think?

Is Massive Attack's "Robert Del Naja" Bansky?

Read why this maybe a true statement in the Independent (here).

Artist: Massive Attack
Album: Heligoland
Year: 2010
Country: UK

Put Your Headphones On & Bass Away



Pray For Rain
Splitting The Atom
Girl I Love You
Flat Of The Blade
Paradise Circus
Rush Minute
Saturday Come Slow
Atlas Air






Resident Advisor



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Love Massive Attack...and it just so happened I was lucky enough to catch them live in Hong Kong last weekend :)

Amazing! Didn't hear them live for a long time. You seem to have a great location there. How were they? Mostly new material they brought or also the older material?

Yeah the venue was awesome with the city as the backdrop, and their set fantastic too..old and new and a few covers. Here's the set list and another pic I snapped ;)

https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/massive-attack/2017/central-harbourfront-event-space-hong-kong-hong-kong-be0e54e.html image

Quality music of course.

The question "Is "Robert Del Naja" Bansky?" will be one of the top 21st- century pop culture trivia. Perhaps our grandchildren's grandchildren will know.

I think we will figure it out sooner than in a couple of generation :)



i love "safe from harm" song :)

Yep, one of those that got good exposure, and although I like it, I like the more darker stuff from them more, but they are less mainstream than "safe from harm" :)

ok,i will check for more music from them,thanks for sharing :)

Hit the play button in the post and you can listen to a whole album. Also provided direct links to youtube, spotify and beatport with lots of music. Enjoy the tour and discovery!

To be honest I only knew Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy...

Ok, enough links to music of Massive Attack in the post :) Mezzanine is my favourite album, but don't know all their work to be honest. Most;y have their earlier albums.