My daily art. Watercolor cat painting.

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Hello my dear friends!
New Year's holidays are ending, but I still have cats and New Year's snow mood.
And so today's art of mine is about cats again.

Today, the cat has already taken off the Christmas hat. But it is white, as the snow has just fallen.


The process, as usual, began with a pencil drawing

Next I took my favorite watercolor paint set

The cat gradually began to show the forms and details

Eyes are a mirror of the soul not only in humans, but in cats too

Аdded a dark background so that my white cat was perfectly visible from all sides
And it's ready!

I hope you like it!


I don't think you can ever go wrong with cats ;D Do you like painting lots of floof?

Fluffy cats are a great theme for winter evenings. This is a warming agent)))

I love it! You did a great job creating this art, and showing how you did it. Nice to meet you @prostosun!

Thank you for your feedback, I am very pleased that you liked it! Nice to meet you too @free-reign !

Hi prostosun,

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Thank you! You've made my day happy!!!

I love watercolor painting and this cat is phenomenal. You chose a white color for the fur that offers a lot of tenderness and even managed to see a certain blush on the face of the cat. Congratulations for this artistic work. Regards @prostosun

Thank you, I am very pleased with your review) I follow you too))

Очаровательный пушистик))))

да, видимо расчесался перед арт-сессией)))

Such a beautiful painting love seeing the process shots

Thank you
I also like to take photos in the process.
To be honest. this way gives me a chance to look at the work from the side, with a different look, and often helps to make adjustments in the process of painting

That makes a lot of sense

That fluffy white cat is gorgeous, my son has one so similar with green eyes, enjoy your showing how you get to your final product.

Congratulations on being nominated by Curie.

Thank you!
These fluffy cats are so cute with any eye color:)
Come to me more often, I often do art work with photos of the process!

Beautifully done! And I love cats. :) Glad I saw this on #PYPT!

Oh, #PYPT this is a big surprise for me! )

I have not been here for more than a year, a lot of new here.
But |I am happy to see you again!
Have a great day!

I enjoy seeing how you layered the paint over and over to create depth and texture. I recently started painting again after a long hiatus, and I had never worked with water color before. I was surprised to find how easy it was to create depth and texture with water color, even though the paint itself is thin compared to oil or acrylic. Your cat is a perfect example of how versatile this medium can be in the hands of a loving artist. I look forward to seeing more of your work 🌱

Yes, watercolor is an amazing paint. This is the magic of transparency and delicate shades.
Watercolor is very interesting to paint after acrylic or oil painting. A completely different technique and other image techniques.
Try it! Painting is a great gift in this life, use it!

Awesome! I particularly like the step by step. Great final product! This post was on #pypt today, and I'm glad to have come across it!


Thank you for coming!

I am very pleased that you liked it. And this is a big and joyful surprise for me that my post was on #pypt !

Thanks a lot!

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A great work of art here and a well detailed progress.

Wow I'm wondering if you had an actual cat model or completely painted with your imagination. Gorgeous work.

Beautiful eyes @protosun, you captured them well. Love seeing your watercolors. :)

Such beautiful work @prostosun, I love it. 💕


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it's a great job, I love cats.

I marvel at what goes into a painting. Now that I know what goes into a story, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. Nice work.

hi dear @prostosun, i love cats and your portrait is fantastic, this furry friend so sweet;)) is your cat or is it a fantasy image? keep on !! congratulations on your curie vote

Congratulations. Great art. I love the eyes. Very expressive

This is really insane

What a beautiful watercolor painting of the cat. I love those eyes. They look haunting, yet beautiful shade of blue.

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The way the art is in the making in the pictures is beautiful

Lovely work, @prostosun! You really captured the fluffy fur!