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wow - great work!

I love this watercolor - so much detail with this technique I wasn't sure was possible.

Also, for anyone else, you can view a larger size:


Appreciate the feedback, and the time you took to go to so much details.

How did you find this and can I add that while posting ?

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Thank you Team India for all the love.

Very nice.. The colors really amzing.. Hope you like my art too sir

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Thank you @ocd for such a nice support.

Very nice painting. Depicting today

good work, there. I think you should sketch for @deemarshall contests


thank you for the suggestion

This is an excellent work !

As an ex-water-colour guy, I must admit that I am jealous at your ability and skill with the brushes. loved the strokes and the way you have managed to capture the horizon.


May be you should start again ?

i am impressed to see your preety post... you are really the owner of great minder... that is pick off in your post......


Cool work! :)

yes very nice, gives a sensation of freshness, freedom, morning breeze smell

india is the beautiful country

It's awesome!!:)

wonderfully done :)

I like the light and shadows. Early morning for sure.

good work prabalmallick