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My dear @possiblememes, I suggest that you explore and use tags such as the ones below so more people are likely to find your work and appreciate it like I do. :-)

Mon – MondayRed, foodphotography, animalphotography
Tues - TuesdayOrange, landscapephotography, cityscapephotography
Wed – WednesdayYellow, architecturephotography, vehiclephotography
Thurs – ThursdayGreen, macrophotography, colourfulphotography
Fri – FridayBlue, streetphotography, portraitphotography
Sat – SaturdayIndigo, goldenhourphotography, longexposurephotography
Sun - SundayPurple

Thanks that's useful advice ☺

I goofed. Here's the correction:
Sat – SaturdayIndigo, sportsphotography, smartphonephotography
Sun - SundayPurple, goldenhourphotography, longexposurephotography


good post !!

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