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You might have heard about Byteball and the sniping of referrals, well why not give back to the people who uses my link.


This is how you can claim your free Byteball Bytes:

  • Download the Byteball wallet
    Download the Byteball wallet using this link by clicking on the icon fitting your operating system:


  • Install the wallet

Install the wallet like you would install any other program. Now open it. You can stick with the default options: Press Agree, Continue, Continue.
  • Open the Steem Bot
Click on "Chat", "Bot Store", "Steem Attestation Bot" and "Add Bot".
  • Submit your wallet address
Click the small icon at the bottom left and choose Insert my address (Small expenses wallet) and press the button with the "send" icon .
  • Connect with Steemconnect
The bot now generates a link to Steemconnect. Click the link and sign in with your Steemit account.
If you have previously used Steemconnect, you can just click "continue", if not you will be prompted for your Steem username and key.

  • Select "public" or "private"

Now you will get a message saying "Your steem username is..." from the bot. Click on either "private" or public". If you click "public", Byteball Bytes can be sent to you using your Steem username instead of your wallet address.

If you use my link above you will get back 1/2 of the referral sent back to you.


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