Paint me a Bull!

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So my wife calls me one day and says :
Yo, dude I'm in Netherlands rite now and I'm looking at this painting of a bull in this gallery, and I talk to my cousin, yo girl, my husban knows how to paint like a motherfucker, so imma call him rite now and tell him to paint a bull like this one. Yo dude this painting is like a 4K+ euros! I just texted u a pic. take a look. Paint me a bull like this, coz...
And I go:
Alright, alright, alright. Lemme finish my brew.

So here it is.






My wife said:
Why so small? The bull from gallery wuz, like, 11 feet long!
I said:
Oh... Hold my beer....


Haha. Great story. Great painting. Envy your skills. I can’t draw anything if my life depended on it.

Well, first of all, don't be so sure you can't draw. The secret is - draw anything, and then give it a title.
With this particular painting... Well I lied a little. That supposed to be a portrait of my wife.
But because of too much beer... You know, how it is.

So is this a cock and bull story ? Especially with the size joke embedded in your post ?

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Well, when you put it out like this, I think you're right. :)

You know what they say about wives. They are NOT high maintenance, just give them what they want.

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hey @piotrgrafik
amazing work. and the title "Paint me a bull" just worked great with the story.

additionally, i would like to suggest you try it with cross contour, this'll give it an amazing 3D look and which might be look great.
If in future you think about it and it gave you an outcome then tag me I would love have a look.

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