Teddies Quest

in art •  9 months ago

Teddy and his friend Gobb the Bull-Snail are on a very important mission
leading them through the misty Munklewood.
here they are asking a forest dweller for directions. :)

hey-ho steemians !

i made this digital painting last year just for training and fun.
my challenge was to use no photo-textures or texture-brushes and such tricks and do all textures and details by hand.

it took a lot of time but it was a straightforward painting without being a confusing process.
i´m not very used to paint foliage and looking at it now i think the tree could be much better
but i kinda like how i painted the little bush on the left.
i admire artists that manage to paint detailed foliage!
also i think that some dark foreground elements would make the image better
but i´m still quite happy with it.

quest final copy.jpg

digital sketch
quest wip01.jpg

detailing in grey-scale
quest wip02.jpg

i like to define as much as possible before making an overlay color layer
quest wip03.jpg

adding colors
quest wip04.jpg

and some more little details. for the final image i used levels to enhance contrast and added some more detail like the door-handle.

quest wip05.jpg

as a bonus, here is a map i made a while back... i think the munkle-woods are on this this map ! :)
i love making fantasy-maps since i can remember.

The Map  copy.jpg

hopefully this was fun to look at and
if anyone gets inspired by this i would be very happy!

have a good day!

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Awesome work, Hauke! It's a very beautiful and sweet scene! Well done! 😃


thank you trincowski !! :)

This is great @papersmell! The expressions on the characters' faces are really cute. And I looked even closer ... love the fireflies :)

Oh, and I love the process photos too ;)

Submitting to c-squared.


hey ! thank you so much for submitting this !! and happy you discovered the small details ! :)


You're most welcome @papersmell! I always say, 'life is in the details' 😎

Awesome work. I added this to our curation efforts! ☺️


yay ! thank you so much coldicehotwater ! much appreciated !!

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I found you thanks to #artzone and boy am I glad. I LOVE this! And the illustrated map! I always doodled out storylines in haphazard fashions on endless reams of paper as a child, so I feel you.


hello donnadavisart! very happy that you understand my craziness ! :)
when i was a kid me and my friend Jonas would draw gigantic maps of our fantasy-lands and then we would walk around in that world all day. it was "epic" - like kids would say nowadays :D

Wow! This illustration look so dreamy and kind! You very talented!
I'll follow you, and I will be happy if you follow to my blog. I hope we will be friends;)

Listed this piece in my weekly "Artzone" thread