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Personalized gifts like this are amazing!

More than a few times in my history on steemit, other talented steemians have blessed with some incredible artwork inspired by @papa-pepper. Since I can only share so much in each post, I usually just run with one closing image and the other amazing artwork kinds of fades away for the most part. This has always troubled me.



This is one of the examples of some amazing digital artwork made using @papa-pepper as an inspiration. @jaldesign created this one for me about three months ago. Personally, I'm not even sure how to do anything even close to this, so to have someone use their talent and abilities and then gift the final product to me is incredible. I was blown away when I first received this, but I never really did anything with the actual artwork.

This was another one that I got about the same time, this time it is a creation of @zikra. Again, what an incredible piece of artwork, especially if you excuse the model.

So then, what's a @papa-pepper to do? I figure, if it is fine with the artists, I'll at least start having some prints made to send to steemians when I ship them gifts. It'll be much classier than a note scribbled on some random paper, and maybe I'll even make it on their wall or refrigerator door! LOL.

The pixel art in the photo above was a @eqko creation, and it is another nice likeness to yours truly. If I start making some prints of these to ship and including Maybe I'll even have to put some of these on some shirts or something. What do you think?

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @orelmely



Maybe I'll even have to put some of these on some shirts or something. What do you think?

Yes, good idea. Make some shirts that include one of your signature slogans:

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with
Don't post for free.

Love the idea and I would definitely buy a few of those t-shirts!

Dude. Those are rad. You have your own collectible card game! #gottacatchemALL

That sounds pretty cool, thanks for the idea.

You could be a next terminator.
Apologies to Arnold ;)

There really is some talent in the community. The terminator style one is my favourite of these.

I think cards and t shirts sound great.

Thanks, I figured I'd better figure out a way to use them.

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Steemit is great tool for artists to promote their art and many more!

Nice fantastic post Happy 2018 Contribution comment#

Great art there!!! Rent a billboard and put those images and a link to your steemit all over! Just an idea...

LOL, with my ugly mug all over it? are you sure that would attract people?

Hey nice to see my artwork in there!
The pixel art one was my creation for the @papa-pepper Pixel Art Weekly contest. You’re of course free to use it as you see fit. I can’t think of a better use then sending it as a free gift card to your fans.

Ah, very nicely done. Thanks for the permission, and the amazing artwork.

Thanks. And no problem, I hope the receivers will get some joy out of it. Maybe you would consider voting for @blockbrothers as witness. That’d be greatly appreciated.

I've heard a bit about them lately. Thanks for the suggestion.

The reason I ask (in light of full disclosure) is that I am one if them. Thanks for considering us for your vote.

You can do it also a mosaic ... something like this.....
I think you can find a free app on web

Meaby this
Crear un mosaico de fotos de manera gratuita. -

Or this i think is better

Interesting idea, thanks. Also, I sent that 10 SBD over to you.

:) many thanks for you and @freedompoint , autenthics machines ...

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