A new funny and short comics story

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Here is the new comics story I just finished. It is in Italian but I added a translation of the dialogue after the images.

"wwhosh! beautiful sprint!"

"where do we go now?"

"what about having a race up to that mountain there?"

"but these people? do we not do anything?"

"What? What should we do?"

"I feel their suffering, we could do something, we are gods!"


"who cares?"

"we are gods, who cares?"

 "we could extinguish mosquitoes ..."

 "I like mosquitoes"

"of course, you created them, the mosquitoes, I remember it"

"I don't think so, however I like them, they make a nice sound"

 "it sucks, guys! let's run, come on!"

"by the way, who was it to create people?"


"I remember I was drunk"

"we were all drunk"


"you say it was a bullshit?"

"one more, one less ..."

 "I created that chain of mountains, I remember the line ..."

"there are hundreds of those ridge lines"

"I like that line!"

"so, are we doing anything for people?"

"these people again? what a bore!"

"for the fawns we did something, long ago"

"you mean when we removed the dinosaurs?"

"more recently, when we made their predators disappear, up north"

"on which planet?"


"so what?"

"so we could do something for people too"

"to me the fawns are much more likable"

 "but what would you do for people?"

c "dunno ... we could take away the need to eat every day"

"ok, if you really care"

"but let's do it quickly"

"ok, done"

"can we run now?"

"from star to star?"

"okay, pull the trig ..." <zow!> "that's not fair!"


omg i love this so much, paolo ! the people are turned into plants so that they/we do not need to 'eat' any more XD what a great solution hahahahahah <3 wonderful pages ! I love the way you lay out the panels and how it moves from page to page, it is very expressive and easy to read <3

gorgeous work <3 <3 i love your style very much :D

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