A new channel on Steemit.chat to offer your artworks on sale - Steemarket ! (And a new server on Discord too!)

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Thx to @pfunk and to steemit.chat developers, there's a channel in the chat where you can put on sale your artworks.

I asked Pfunk to have a channel for my showcase website, Steemarket.com, and he opened the channel Steemarket. (Great! Thx again! :) )

Then I created a server on Discord for the same purpose. Here it is.

How does it work?

(Create an account on Steemit.chat, if you have not it already, then go to the channel Steemarket)

That channel is where you can put photos, descriptions, prices, how to pay and so on, about the artwork you want to put on sale. 

Then I'll put all pics and informations about your artworks on Steemarket.com (not working yet, but you can start to add files of artwork in the channels) (I know, I announced this website already. I'm a little late. I know. Just a few days!)

Steemarket is just a showcase! There will be collected and showed together artworks and craft works on sale, with all the information to purchase them directly from the seller.

I strongly suggest to seller to indicate a price in Steem and/or SteemDollar too, for their artworks. Not just the prices in USD or Euro, I mean. And possibly a discount for buyers who want to pay by Steem.

And so, I invite Steemit artists and makers to start adding artworks right now, even if the website Steemarket.com is not still working: 

so I will be able to launch the website with some artworks for sale already listed (mine too, of course ;))

With the Art-Trail contest, I saw many active artists on Steemit. @aksinya, with her amazing contests, did even a list of them, and I'm tagging them here to invite them to consider this opportunity to show and sell their artwork:

 @aishwarya, @andrew0, @andrianna, @allstarrunner, @aniestudio, @artguy, @art21, @billyjohnsonart, @camilla, @catsmart, @chessmonster, @comealong, @danilamarilu, @drawingsbymilena, @dreemit, @dottie, @edgarsart, @elementm, @elewarne, @elgeko, @em3di, @englishchivry, @errymil, @everlove, @fayehalliday,@flowerpowerart, @fumansiu, @funkit, @giraffeonskates, @girlbeforemirror, @gric, @harshalachopra, @havok777, @henry-gant, @hhelenbby, @hilarski, @hopehugs, @inber, @indiandigitizer, @jameshsmitharts, @jankasparec, @jessamynorchard, @juanmiguelsalas, @jyezie, @kalemandra, @karmashine, @katharsisdrill, @ken-and-jane, @krizia, @lapstjup, @lighteye, @lightsplasher, @littlemozart, @lloyddavis, @luckyfellow, @mada, @madlenfox, @mariandavp, @meesterboom, @merej99, @michaelmcdermott, @mindfreak, @mikkolyytinen, @mprgrmmr, @motivator, @mystisoul, @naquoya, @natureofbeing, @nature.sauvage, @nikosgyftakis, @nin0000, @nonameslefttouse, @oceansoul13, @ocrdu, @onlyifisayok, @opheliafu, @paniopan, @paolobeneforti, @pcste, @phoenixmaid, @prostosun, @pyrowngs, @randolphrope, @reddust, @reneenouveau65, @revostrike, @robyneggs, @rubens9119, @rubenalexander, @sanakumar, @saramiller, @seisges, @sethlinson, @shady, @shortcut, @silviabeneforti, @skapaneas, @sofi-m, @soyjosluis, @spaceginger, @splus, @stargarden, @stephenking989,@straydays, @sumsum, @tasartcraft, @thebatchman, @thedrollyears, @therealpaul, @toonpunk, @trueart, @twirble, @ubik, @unusualconcept, @villainblack, @voodoolizard, @voronoi, @yadamaniart, @wordsword, @xochicotta, @xtrodinarypilot, @yoganarchista, @yuslindwi.  @omwith 

I think that Steem have to be used as a real currency to buy actual goods. It will happen probably in the future, but we can start it somewhere!

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Brilliant that this id going to help artists actually make money from their creations. Finally a place which creation is at the heart of the community! It also strengthens Steem as we have more reasons as to why it's used! Looking forward to Steemarket!


Steemarket will be working in a few days. thx! :)

Good initiative! Joined the channel


ottimo. :)

Very good information! Very nice to see it!

Wow this seem exciting! :)


I will make it working this weekend, I believe :)


That's awesome :)

Joining this of course ^_^


great! the showcase will be working in a few days

suuper cool! I want to sell my artwork on here too. in steem and steem dollar, count me in in the chatroom :D


Great idea :) Resteemed this so more of my artist friends on steemit can offer their works onn the channel :)


thx so much Molly :)

Count me in!!! 👏👏👏👏 but I may need instructions as I'm not familiar at all with discord!


you can use the discord channel or just the steemit.chat channel, that's probably more friendly ;)
anyway, ask for anything you need! :)

I found your post and I am excited, thank you for the link!

Great idea, I'm joining :)

It's an excellent idea, great

Hmmm this is nice!


isn't it? I hope it will work

Gran paso adelante!!!!

I'm in the chat now an mentioned it in my latest post looking forward to seeing where this takes us.

I'm totally checking this out!

I hope @andrarchy and the Steem team would appreciate the project. :)


FANTASTIC IDEA...Thanks alot for this opportunity!!!


you're welcome. :)

YIPPEE!!!! Oh yes, this is a great idea!! I love seeing the power of creation rocking Steemit. Thank you @paolobeneforti for making it happen. I have some things to contribute there. Excited to see what comes of our combined efforts. I appreciate you.


thx @everlove :)
I hope it will work

I don't know if this can be considered a @steemgigs . I have to ask to @surpassinggoogle ;)

Niiiice! This should be ace.


I hope so :)

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