Dinner and a Light Show

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Howdy, Steemit friends!
I've got another hot illustration fresh outta the oven for you. This time, you guys get to see this one a good few days before I am allowed to post it to my other usual venues!
It's a commission that was purchased as a christmas gift for the client's partner..! Surprise gifts like this are my favorite kind of commissions to make..!
The illustration features the giftee's futuristic dragon-lad character perched on a flying vehicle which is parked high up over the city. He is eating a bowl of noodles and watching the flashing lights and wild-life of this Blade Runner inspired cityscape.

It was a fun challenge to produce this illustration, and I'm happy for the chance to show a bit of my process here!:






Something to note about this background: It started off as a collage featuring cut and pasted pieces of 12 different photographs. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to save out the photo collage before doing all the color adjustments, filters, and painting over much of it... I'm very sorry about that! But if you can imagine...the original collage was a hot mess of different lighting from different times of day and perspectives that diiidn't quite match up... it was quite garrish to start with, but provided the framework I needed..!




And the completed image!!:


I hope you guys like this one! :D
A very happy holidays to all of you <3!!


This is so great!
Hats off!

Thank you so kindly!!

Excellent artwork, @painted-bees! Keep up with the good work! 😃

Aye aye, Boss!! Thank you so much!!

Hi painted-bees,

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You nailed the lighting really well on this art! I like that the character is stationed in the dark shadowed part of the scene and the background underneath is radiant with city light. The hover bike is also pretty nicely drawn :D.
Nice one and grats for another curie vote, beechan ^_^.

oh dang, thank you so much ; A;!!
I always love working with night time city lighting..! This piece really dialed that up LOL I am so glad you like it!!

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Truly amazing work Bees! This definitely looks like a challenging but fun piece to work on and I’m sure whoever the client is is very happy with it. Interesting details about the background. It looks pretty intensive. lol Great work and thank for sharing and giving us early access to it. ;)

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Thank you, Boss! :D
The client seemed quite pleased with the results, which always brightens my day :D
I am so happy you like it, too!!

Sure thing! :) Glad to hear.

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Really cool and not so out of realistic too @painted-bees 😉 I like to have this kind of gift too. Awesome! How did the idea to create something like this?

thank you so much!! :D
The client/customer had given me an image they had drawn of the character (as well as the bike) and asked me to draw my interpretation of that character siting on his bike in a "blade-runner like" city.

Funny enough, of all the STUNNING scenes in both blade runner films, the opening scene of the first film always stuck out to me... With the noodle shop, etc. Maybe because--as someone who lives in S.E asia, it's just so relatable as an every day experience to me...despite it all taking place in this crazy dystopian future setting.

And so...as kind of a tribute to that particular scene...I had the character sitting on his parked bike, eating a late dinner of take-out noodles :D

nothing can beat take-out Noodles from SE Asia! LOL.. I'm from Indonesia and the city of lights in the drawing also show us how crazy the night in some big citie in South East Asia, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Ho chi Minh, KL and singapore.. wheww... everything's just as familiar as our life, right?

at first glance I though it was a screenshot of the film Bladerunner, great theme and realization hope to see more have fun

the final result is great. I really liked the background. the city looks incredible. The futuristic design reminds me of the anime gosh in the shell saga. well done.

Love your illustration from the first time I saw it, I loved seeing all the detailed process, I love everything in this illustration, I love how futuristic it is, I really like the colors and you got a great effect for the lights

AMAZING, A big hug and Merry Christmas @painted-bees

Bees ! You are amazing ! Such a beautiful illustration <3 I love the lighting, the colours and the detailing so much ! Really wonderful super great aaaaaaaaaah <3 <3 <3