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Hi guys, I have decided to make this new series of drawings, where I will be drawing some of my friends and acquaintances. It will be a very short series of drawings, it would be like a first season of that series. I hope you like it and keep giving "I love it" to each job.

Original of @oscurocactus, date 09/23/2019

SEPARADOR cactus.png


For this second chapter of this series, which I had voted hehehehe An apology! ... I wanted to make a very good friend 😉, in fact it will make a surprise for him, because I made this drawing without Let him know.

For this drawing I wanted to use the grid technique, I had time that I did not use it, but for this work I wanted to use it, because I wanted the work to be as realistic as possible, so I used it.

When I had the sketch, I began to apply details, not with shadows as I normally would, but with scribbles, which by definition: "drawing of different lines without any specific meaning", I think it's a technique which is very easy to apply and work, if you don't work the shadows very well, this is another very good option.

Stop culminating with the drawing, what I wanted to do was apply some very subtle shadows on it, giving a little more realism. I also didn't have all the work scribbled, so I worked it that way.

SEPARADOR cactus.png


Original of @oscurocactus | 09/23/2019

SEPARADOR cactus.png


Juan Mártinez

SEPARADOR cactus.png

Thanks for entering the post. ¡Regards!

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Drawing Friends | Chapter1

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