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Hi guys, I have decided to make this new series of drawings, where I will be drawing some of my friends and acquaintances. It will be a very short series of drawings, it would be like a first season of that series. I hope you like it and keep giving "I love it" to each job.

Original off @oscurocactus, date 06/24/2019

SEPARADOR cactus.png


Thanks to Brayan it was that I came up with this new series, he had always told me to draw it and until finally I did. I started by sketching in my sketchbook.

Once I had made the sketch, I began to apply the shadows on all those parts that required it or that needed shadows. I must say that before you was something that was not due to me, I always drew them very deformed, but with practice I was improving ... Cheers guys, if you can!.

As I worked with the shadows, I was working with the details all over my face. Making eyes, eyebrows and so on.

Finally I had the job almost ready, just need to refine some details in the drawings, such as adding a little more shade and delineating some parts of the face with graphite.

SEPARADOR cactus.png

⬜◾▫Brayan ▪◽⬛

Original off @oscurocactus | 06/24/2019

SEPARADOR cactus.png


Brayan Calderón

SEPARADOR cactus.png

Thanks for entering the post. Regards!

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Nice drawing! I love the step by step progress too. Great job.
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