Sunday doodle

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Colourful doodling to chill out to on a relaxing Sunday morning.

The weather outside my window was foggy and grey this morning, so I needed to inject some colour into my day. I got out my paints and set to work on these colourful designs. I hope you like them, and maybe they will put some colour into your day too!

Inspired by paisley motifs, lotus flowers and asian design.

Using vibrant colours to draw with, and acrylic paint for the green and pink backgrounds.

Have a beautiful, colourful and vibrant day!


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is very good beatiful

la flor de loto representa la abundancia, hermosa obra como nos tienes acostumbrado señ[email protected], felicitaciones

🌺🌺🌺 More beautiful flowers to brighten your day friend!

so pretty!

Really beautiful :)

@opheliafu I love the tones!

So cute and wonderful! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and magical work @opheliafu! :D Cheers! XO

Beautiful artwork, @opheliafu. I only wish that I could draw like you. Upvoted and followed. Very well done. :)

The ones in the pink and green backgrounds looked like warm fires to me. I didn't even realize they were lotus flowers until you mentioned them. :D

Thank you for the colourful :)

Simple, beautiful, and inspiring!

Very beautiful patterns, I liked! With what help do you get such beauty?

Wow. Many make small gifts for @opheliafu
And I make a small gift MEW
I really like your work!
Especially the pict I'm interested to see the making of images that's so refreshing!
Resteem =)

Thanks for Share! like your post and love it!

Thanks! Can i ask how you found this post- it's 7 months old?

that green piece definitely triggered some happy vibes for me. It's all a snowy mess here, no green in sight :(

But you've fixed all that!

Yay! Happy I could add a bit of colour to your palette today!

Do not forget to follow me too

Just reached to your post and blog.

Saw you are not posting anymore, but i liked what i see and place a follow, maybe will see new things soon.

Cheers wherever you are :-)

Still posting! I've been on Steemit for over a year, here's the latest

amazing design

Art with a very good design.

Lovely as always :-) Thanks for sharing :-)

A pleasure, glad you like them!

I like you art and when I see a post it is always an upvote worth :-)

Thank you :D

You are very welcome :-)

What a beauty! I love to draw! You have a good attitude and talent! I like your vision of the world and the beginning of the day!

Thank you for posting @opheliafu. Lovely colours indeed. Paisley is always a favorite. Appreciate you bringing your talent to Steemit.
All the best. Cheers.

Thank you @bleujay . Paisley has an interesting story about the motif as well as the history behind the name and its variations globally. I may have to do a 2nd post!

Please do....bleujay looks forward to it....Scotland is part of it as well as India...right? See...need a refresher already. :)

Paisley is named after the Scottish town that produced the textiles, but the design has Persian origins.

Thank you @opheliafu...hitting the refresh button now. :)

I liked and wish the holiday was wonderful

beautiful pic,
your great

You've brought a little of spring to my Steemit feed! 😊

Stupendous news!

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