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A selection of my drawings on DADA

Today I'm showing you a selection of drawings I have made over the past few weeks on DADA as part of visual conversations on the platform. On DADA you can draw an image using DADA's drawing sketchpad, another artist may answer that drawing with their own drawing, and so the visual conversation continues. DADA is a fantastic place to draw with other artists and speak to each other visually!

Draw on our sketchpad and someone from around the world can reply to you with a drawing of their own. Start a story, send someone a message, have a conversation, meet and draw with other artists. Fun!

Source: http://blog.dada.nyc/about/


Drawings made on DADA


Smartpad drawing tools on DADA.NYC

I created the digital drawings on the DADA platform using their Smartpad drawing tools. You can see below some of the different stages of how I made a digital drawing on DADA.


The images below were made on DADA as part of the same visual conversation



You can see more of the visual conversation on DADA here:https://dada.nyc/sh/WDTLiJy7

pink inkmarks.png

These images were made on DADA as part of the visual conversation 'captive thoughts'.


You can see more of the visual conversation on DADA here: https://dada.nyc/sh/42GenUGV


DADA is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, if you love drawing take a look at DADA for yourself -https://dada.nyc and follow @dadanyc on Steemit.

green inkmarks.png

If you enjoyed this image then check out my Steemit post Flying Monster -my DADA drawing.

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I admire the knowledge and imagination that you possess, step by step lets glimpse the techniques of drawings that you use.
the work was beautiful as always
I wish you a beautiful Saturday dear friend @opheliafu


Thank you - these were a few of the quirky images i've drawn over the last few weeks.

Great art you are very good at making make some funny memes on steemit it will look more interesting nice post keep up the good work

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It's really a great selection of your artworks on Dada! At now, I'm not using Dada to draw, but sometimes I like to go there just to see the "conversations", fantastic!

I could return the upvote in the post

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Your drawing is like a I'm not going to tell you! Or my lips are sealed haha that way to express yourself so great through digital art looks great the work you did

How interesting! In the physical world I used to do something like this with interactive stories that were passed from student to student. With talented artists joining in, you can reach a whole new dimension!

I have resteemed your post to help promote it (and help me remember where to find the link :-).

I like his googlie eyes! :)

hi ! this is so nice , and i love the idea , :D cool work following you <3