Ready? -my DADA drawing

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Game over?

I'm sharing with you today the process of how I created the digital drawing 'Ready?' on DADA. The drawing was inspired by the 1980's game Pac-Man. I still play the game every now and then, but I'm not as quick as I used to be and the game is over way too soon!
I enjoy drawing on the platform DADA, it is a great place to connect with other artists from around the world through drawing.

Draw on our sketchpad and someone from around the world can reply to you with a drawing of their own. Start a story, send someone a message, have a conversation, meet and draw with other artists. Fun!



This isn't the first piece of work I have created inspired by the game Pac-man, the pieces below are part of a jigsaw I painted.

The completed jigsaw


Find all the pieces here in my post Puzzling artwork -my completed jigsaw art

green inkmarks.png

Drawing on DADA


The digital drawing 'Ready?' was created using my drawing tablet and pen, and the Smartpad drawing tools on the DADA platform. The tools on DADA include a paintbrush, eraser and pencil option, and the option to alter the opacity of the colour.

You can see below some of the different stages of how I made 'Ready?' my digital drawing on DADA.


The hardest part of creating this drawing was achieving the straight lines. On DADA you draw using their Smartpad drawing tools, so you create straight lines using the pen or paintbrush tool. I find it much easier to draw curved lines or soft edges with these tools, so a bit more practise is needed with drawing those straight lines!

Smartpad drawing tools on DADA.NYC

pink inkmarks.png



This image is part of a visual conversation on DADA called 'Ready?'. You can see more of the visual conversation on DADA here:

DADA is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, if you love drawing take a look at DADA for yourself - and follow @dadanyc on Steemit.


Some of my DADA images


Redbubble shop


Have a great day and Steem on!

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Oh this one made me smile! I can automatically hear the 'sounds' of Pacman as soon as I look at it.

@opheliafu how many memories do I bring this work, if you have played this game, thank you very much for these beautiful memories, the beautiful work as always
thank you very much for showing us
I wish you a happy rest


I spent many hours of my childhood playing games like this on my Atari too @jlufer.

I must say:
That puzzle project is heck-a cool. This DADA art thing is heck-a cool.

Can't draw my way out of a paper bag, but I'm still inspired to try a bit harder with my daily scribbles in GIMP. Thank you, Ms. Ophelia Fu.


DADA is for everyone- come and draw with us on there!


I have so little experience in drawing it's frankly really embarrassing, particularly in the presence of people with actual talent. But I'll trust your word.

I promise to you and myself, I'll start with DADA tomorrow. Thank you.




I see you on DADA - cool :D
I've replied to your drawing


Thank you! I probably would have neglected even trying DADA if not for your encouragement.

I'm motivated to continue and try finishing something at least
twice a week =D


You are on your way to getting 200 points - which is what you need to reply to others peoples drawings. Just create a few more images and give me the heads up if you need someone to reply to them.

Cool just amazing man !!


Glad you enjoyed the post

GREAT Drawing. Very awesome old 2d game board design , really adds some drama to this scene. wonderful artwork friend opheliafu.


I thought it would make the start of a cool visual conversation on DADA - I add another drawing to it soon.


we'll waiting :) have a nice day :))

pacman my favourite game


It can be frustrating though!


haha sometimes yeahh

haha, pacman!
It was a game I loved very much. you took me to the old days!
thank you very much.


I've just been playing it again online this morning

Your post on "Ready? -my DADA drawing" is really awesome and organized. I really like Digital Drawing.


Thank you very much!

Amazing post . Reminds me of my childhood. Ysed to play this came all the long . Even I play this game every now and then .....


I don't have my old Atari anymore, but i do occasionally play online too.

Nice game i like it this game and i play this game and thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us


Great game, yes!


Can you appappreciate more than my frnd @opheliafu

This drawing brings me too many memories with my childhood! It is a great design that you have done is an automatic connection with my childhood, thanks for sharing :)

Very cool! Love the process. Following.