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A wash of colour

Today's drawing is of lilies, you may have see my recent post Pink Lily, an ink and watercolour sketch in which I drew a single lily flower.

For this piece I wanted to experiment with the background colours. I started by applying water to the paper, getting the paper quite wet. I then applied watercolours, allowing the watercolours to bleed into each other across the wet paper.


Once the watercolours were dry I applied black drawing ink with a dip pen to suggest the lines of the petals and leaves. I kept the style quite loose, allowing a simple flow to the lines through the direction and pressure of the pen.

lilies board.png

'Lilies' -2017


Watercolours and ink on paper


Have a great day!



Lilies! Very beautiful-- so "fresh" looking! If those are the "stargazers" I expect you also had a lovely scent experience while painting... lovely piece of work.

I think they may be stargazers, and yes a wonderful scent.

The work of this lily is also wonderful.Thank you for a great post every time:)

A pleasure @yoshiko, your lilies in glass are beautiful too!

very good.
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My fav flower ;)

One of mine too!

The flow is great and the colors look great too, thanks for sharing, upped. Keep it up.
In addition to my comment, and in support of your fight against spam here, I posted about the issue on my blog post. Feel free to check it out..wish you a blessed weekend.

Very nice)) I would like this picture)))) You have golden hands)))

Slightly pollen yellow hands today! I cut the pollen out from my lilies so they wouldn't stain the table- just stained me instead!

Oh no. Forgive))) In Ukraine, they say "golden hands" when a person is talented)))) This is the term))) You have talent)))

Oh i got that meaning, it was very kind thank you

I love watercolor. It is so fresh :) Do you have to mix the color to match the real life flower? I was also surprised that ink is applied after water color, for some reason i was always thinking that first you draw and then fill in with the colors :) P.S. Just just have noticed that last two letters of you initials give a second thought. Tell men it's not what i am thinking. As it might be just extremely hot weather and little sleep :) Cheers!

Yes I mix the colours, but i deliberately kept the green of the leaves lighter, in reality it is darker but that colour combination did work for this piece. I often draw with inks then add the watercolour, but today i wanted to experiment a bit.
Not sure what you mean about by name!

Wow amazing artwork @opheliafu
Appreciates your your and effort
Keep on steeming

Thank you :D
Steem On @dinsha !

Very beautiful and light. Like the different approach to add the lines in the second step!

I thought I'd do things a different way today :D

excellent idea :-) Love it!!

wonderful... a beautiful creation...

Thank you, very kind!

Very nice art work, I like your painting process :)

Thank you, I like yours too! ;D

Looks great :) ink pen and water color are a great combo

Yes, great partners!

Sister you are a true inspiration. Such a pleasure seeing your pretty lilies this morning.

Thank you, I'm happy you liked my drawing :)

Ever so beautiful as always, like the flower garden in Alice 🌷

Yes! Have you ever seen the Victorian Flower Oracle illustrations?

Really nice Lilies painting @opheliafu..
Upvoted.. 👍

Thank you very much!

Lilies and irises are two of my most favorite flowers. i have one bed of them intermixed.

The lilies you've painted are gorgeous and look a little like one of mine, but with much better pink colors.

I'd love to know what variety it is!

Have you considered doing a small print run of prints and notecards?

I think they are pink stargazers- but that is a guess! They look beautiful in the garden, i need to grow some again.

It's very beautiful image!!

Thank you @rucoin, glad you like it!

Colors flower precious

Nice nice
I like it..
Picture cool..👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Thank you : )

Is a beautiful drawing, every time I see or hear lilies I can not help thinking about the movie the Danish girl which I love.

Thank you very much, i haven't seen that film yet- i need to watch it sometime.

Hahaha you should, the plot is very well done and the actors are fantastic.

I like the outcome a lot! ❤

Lovely work

And I like the color of the Paintbrush.

It is a rather nice yellow!

That's a technique I'm trying to master all the time, but seems like I fear too much to blend the colors with no control of a line art at all:) So I usually start with inking, and then add watercolor. But I really love how you do it, it keeps the drawing really light (I know? i say it in every comment, but that's what really amazes me in your art!:)

I really like this job, I love the color combination, beautiful work dear friend @opheliafu congratulations, thank you very much for this beautiful gift

I love lillies @opheliafu and we especially love waterlilies here in Friesland. There is a waterlily called the Pompeblêd and it's a part of the Frisian flag.êd

Great post, you are blessed with talent and thanks sharing.


you have got a special style.. simple and lines give it sharpness... like!

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