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I created a second digital drawing called 'Eavesdrop' for a visual conversation on DADA called Quiet Conversation. In the drawing the figure is eavesdropping, trying to listen in on the couples conversation. If she leans over any further she might fall over!


Quiet Conversation




You can find the visual conversation on DADA.art

green inkmarks.png

DADA is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, if you love drawing take a look at DADA for yourself -https://dada.art/ and follow @dadanyc on Steemit.


A selection of my DADA drawings


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You can find my tokenized art on SuperRare, KnownOrigin and MakersPlace.


Hi @opheliafu ,here in Colombia the houses are joined with the same wall, that's why the expression is used a lot, (gossip), nobody needs to lean too much to listen to what the neighbor says, that's why you make me laugh when you say, If she leans over any further she might fall over!

We have semi-detached or terrace houses too that also share walls.

This one makes me laugh a bit. Very quirky. My first impression is whoa, shes got some posture issues hahaha. In combination with the other drawing it really adds to the story. Nice one.

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Oh yes, she needs to watch her back or she could have expensive chiropractor bills in the future.

The price she pays for eavesdropping on a conversation I guess Haha

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