City Lines at Dusk

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Digital drawing

I read about a digital drawing app called Sketchpad in @shortcut's post New Digital Artwork: FOMO [Get yours!], he creates some amazing artwork using its tools. I decided to go give the app a try, it has some really fun tools and brush styles.

Creating a cityscape


I tried out the sketchy drawing brush, creating as series of lines to form a city skyline.

Very quickly I had built up a series of buildings using the drawing tool, and the mark making the sketchy tool made gave the impression of shadows.



'City Lines at Dusk'


Digital image created using Sketchpad

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very nice! Another piece fit for a gallery. I posted a drawing today with a much more dystopian city skyline.

Excellent- i'll head over and check it out.

visit the plication the truth is very good I will see if I can do something in it.
The work as always very beautiful, you have done a great job with this new tool dear friend @opheliafu
I wish you a beautiful evening

Wow! Really cool style this time 👍

Interesting! Develop in this.