New Digital Artwork: FOMO [Get yours!]

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Dear friends and followers,

after yesterday's article about issuing digital artworks through ascribe, I want to offer a new digital drawing for purchase today.

It's a digital drawing called "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out):

FOMO by @shortcut 2018 / Edition of 10


A few days ago, I discovered a new drawing app called Sketchpad. It is a vector based drawing app, that offers 18 different brushes, 500 fonts and a lot of clipart and shapes. The online version is free to use, but I instantly decided to buy the desktop version for $4.95, which is an affordable price.


I started to play around with a brush called "fur" using my Wacom intuos tablet:


Some faces appeared.


Then I outlined some of those faces using a blue pen.


Next layer was purple.


And the last one was cyan.



After adding my signature, I uploaded a huge (5792 x 3751 pixel/ 300 dpi) PNG to ascribe. Although the file is a massive 12 MB large, it was a fast and easy process.


Buying one of the 10 editions would give you the right to print the artwork in very high quality on paper, canvas or maybe a T-shirt.

You would also be able to display it in an exhibition and even charge entrance fees.
Let me know, if you do so - I'd happily pay some entrance fees, to see my work in an exhibition, LOL.

How does it work?

If you want to own one edition of this digital artwork, you can send me 10 Steem/SBD to my account (@shortcut) and add your email in an encrypted memo. (You can encrypt the memo by adding a # followed by a space in front of the memo.)

Like so:

# For 1 'FOMO' artwork. Here is [email protected]

Please also add a comment, so that I will get a notification.

After I received your payment, I will send the edition to the email address, you provided me and after you signed up at, you will be able to download the hires version and the Certificate of Athenticity.

Don't miss out!


P.S.: The original work comes without the black border, that I use at Steemit to "frame" it.

These digital artworks are also still available:



creativity is based on freedom


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I have often wondered how a person could sell on Steemit. The beauty of this is that you are putting the platform to work through using crypto currency SBD. Perhaps more folks will do the same. Your artistry is remarkable. Thanks and success to you my friend @shortcut.

Thanks a lot for your encouragement :-) Ascribe really is kind of the missing link, that I was looking for. I also might put one of those on auction via @steembay in the future. I already made some great experiences with this service while selling my analog artworks.

this art work is quite impressive and idea to print on t-shirt is brilliant. garments manufacture could take it for their printing label as well.

Thanks, I didn't know about garments manufacture yet, but you can choose a printing service of your choice to make it happen ;-)

I really like the black and white initial results with the "fur" brush.....your post is inspiring me to consider giving sketchpad a try!

Cool, I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

That is awesome .Thanks you for sharing this, I have been waiting for a platform like that to put my art in

I'm happy, that you find it useful :-) I've also been waiting for this and it works like a charme.
I can imagine, that I'd buy some digital editions of your works, so let me know, when you're up for it.

Sure thing, there will be some coming soon

I'm very tempted to put some work on ascribe- I need to make some more digital drawings first :D

Just had a play on sketchpad- love it! So many cool brushes

Looks great! Sometimes new brushes are really inspiring, aren't they?

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Yes, you absolutely should do it. It's really a cool tool for self-distributing digital art :-)

This is awesome. I love art but I can't draw to save my life. I'll check out the online version to take a maybe I'll come up with something that looks vaguely like art.

Everybody has the potential to be an artist. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll come up with.

Wonderful looking this digital art, i appreciate your creativity.

Thanks for letting me know.

Most welcome my dear friend....

Congratulation @shortcut, that is great thing, with many choice of layer. wish you make something out of it.

Sure, it‘s just the beginning of something great.

I sure that you are more excited to this artwork, aren't you?

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Your art work is really different and it’s extraordinary...very unique creativity....

Thank you! Glad you like it :-)

Wow now that's the fomo everyone should be holding too :D

Exactly, so you want to buy one?