Circle lady -my DADA drawing

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Lines and circles

I created this drawing of a figure on the platform DADA, a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, this piece of work is part of a visual conversation titled 'lines and circles'.

My drawing created on DADA

This image is part of a larger visual conversation, on DADA someone will start an image using DADA's drawing sketchpad, and then another artist will answer that drawing with their own drawing.

You can start by browsing hundreds of amazing drawings and visual conversations or by making a drawing of your own. The more you draw and participate in the community, the more points you accrue and the more conversations you can participate in.


You can see the full visual conversation between artists here:

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Have a great day, Steem on and doodle on!


I like the photo .. and the colors used are beautiful..

I really like the development you are doing on that platform, the works you are creating are truly beautiful, congratulations for the colorful and creative work dear friend @opheliafu
I wish you a beautiful night

Thank you @jlufer - I like the energy in this piece :D

Very vague... I think only the artist can understand this language.
peace to you @opheliafu

I suspect Martians can too, but I've never met one to ask ;D

This is the second time I've heard of Dada this week. It sounds really interesting but I'm not sure how it works exactly. Do you need a touch screen computer that you can use a "pen" on?

I love the piece of art you've produced here. A wonderful interpretation of circles and lines. 😊

I use a graphics tablet - i find it easier to draw with a pen. The platform has it's own drawing tools - here is a screen shot from my post

I like it! This one's very unique.

Thank you @thecryptogold - glad you do!

Wooo nice

Almost reminds me of Miro's work :)

Yeah- i was feeling a Miro / Kandinsky influence with this.

I could see that :):)

This DADA thing is such a cool idea and your drawing is cool as well!