My new experience in pottery 😊🤗.

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Honestly, I could never imagine how much fun it is to make dishes by my own hands!

It takes a lot of time but the result is worth it!


Magic begins with a piece of clay that you need to put on a potter's wheel. After the shape of the product becomes as you would like, it should be given to dry.

When the clay dries, it still remains fragile as cookies, but you need to polish it and apply the desired pattern.


Since clay products need to be baked in an oven at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius, you need to use special type of paints.

These paints are in the form of a substance that, under the influence of temperature, is converted into something like a glass.


Now it's a finished product and ready for use!

This picture came to my mind very spontaneously but I really liked it. Now I want to make a set of dishes with this print 😊.


What do you think, should I?

Thanks for reading my post!

Best wishes,




Greetings @olgy-art.

Lovely work.....given such care with details and colour. Well done.

As for using the idea for a set of dishes.......splendid idea....I hope you do.

All the best to you and yours and to the gingers as well. ^__^


Thanks a lot for your kind words 😊😊😊. I'm thinking about this set now, i want to make a mug and few plates with this print :)

Thanks for visiting and reading my post 😊.

Have a wonderful day, dear @bleujay!

for a first timer I think you did great!

Many thanks ☺️☺️☺️

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Це мега круто! Я якось пробувала, це не так просто. Респект 😎💪

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