Comic Book Preparations - character study #8

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Now that I’m working on getting back into a routine, I decided it was time to get back to working on my comic book preparations… and that means working on more character studies! So I spent some of my “spare time” last week working on this page. I’d been struggling with redesigning this character for a while, but when I sat down in front of my sketch pad on Friday, this all started flowing out rather seamlessly. Meet the “goodie” water elemental, Lanzo!


I wrote out a brief description about him on the page, which I will type here, in case it’s too small/faint to read.
-long dreadlocks, skinny stache/goat
-ship/stormy sea/tays of light left sleeve
-zen/mellow, easy-going
-kind, gentle, always finds silver lining/something to smile about
-rarely, if ever, gets angry or raises voice

I inked the outline the same day, then spent a bit of time coloring in the larger drawing on Sat.

Here’s a look at the sketch, drawn with HB mechanical pencil:

And the inked outline, lined with Micron pens:

A progress shot of the coloring (colored with prismacolor pencils):

And the fully colored piece:

The tattoo design in the bottom corner (which I shaded using various soft and hard pencils) could use a little more refining (especially the clouds), but I’m pleased with it overall, as it definitely gives the overall gist of what I was going for. It is essentially his personality in pictorial form; always finding some ray of light, even on the darkest of days.


I’ve got a few more of these studies to do, but I’m also beginning to work on some thumbnailing, to get the first few pages laid out. I should possibly work on an overall script as well, but my current creative state of mind is in the “drawing” zone, rather than the “writing” zone, so I’m working with what I’ve got. 😉

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Ohhh I love this character study. It's so great that you drew him with different expression and also the ship on his left sleeve in details.  
I am always happy when a creator takes good care of their characters well because such preparation will carry over to the final product. Well done Megan :D.        


Thank you! Yes, I’m trying to take my time and give each piece of the process a proper amount of thought and development. It’s a lot of work but I know it’ll carry through later when I develop the comic book. 😊

What a great work! I like your character! You did such a lovely job with his eyes! And those dreadlocks! I'm in love with him! Can't wait to see the whole comic!


Thank you! I had a lot of fun drawing his dreadlocks... I’ve always been a fan.
I have a few more character studies to do, but most of them don’t come in until later, so hopefully I won’t have to drag it out too much longer, and I’ll be able to start working on the actual comic soon!

Aaah what a nice character study, @offbeatbroad ! Love the thoughts and detailing that went into preparing for your comic book ! Very respect !


Thanks so much @veryspider! I do tend to obsess over details so I’m glad it’s appreciated. Haha

I was just saying to another steemian that I sort of lost them for a bit, the same with you. It's the downfall of old school manual curation where I do it myself each day so sometimes people get lost in the mix.

I love this fellow and it's fun to do character studies isn't it! I'm always toying with a comic, just keeping the idea in the edge of my mind wondering if and when I'd do it. Have fun!


Oh, yes, I took an extended hiatus during the summer because we were doing a lot of travelling, and had quite limited internet access, so I’m just getting back into things now. I’m happy to say it seems I’ve kept my place, though, as I’m able to pick right back up with a lot of folks. Love this community!

Thank you! I am having quite a bit of fun with these studies, stretching my creative muscles. There’s so much work that goes into a comic but I think it’s pretty rewarding at the same time. You could always tinker with bits and pieces of development on the side, here and there, develop characters and a basic storyline over time.

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Find a screenwriter,
The brain will have more space for

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Oh haiku bot you devil you always make poets of us! ;)


It would probably be helpful to have someone in the know to help me out. But I do enjoy writing as well, I just find that my creative bursts tend to either be drawing or writing, but not usually both at the same time. So when I reach a bit of artist block I’ll pick up with writing. 😉


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I will. When did you start listening?


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Very cool. Excellent detail.

I'm currently hosting a fashion design contest. It'll be great if you can be part of it. Here's the link:

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Very nice character!


Thank you!