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Hello gals, boys, and everyone.

New animal — another one tiger!


As always I started with my erasable color pencil, I show one before here. Also, I still use unsplash for references.

1 pic.jpg

I don't think that I have much to say about this piece, it quite simple (but still cute!). So let's just look at the process? :)
Indian gold for base color.

2 pic.jpg

Adding stripes with ruby (look at this baby!).

3 pic.jpg

More stripes!

4 pic.jpg

Almost done. Adding eyes and also background with Indian gold + turquoise blue.

5 pic.jpg

Color I used


  • Indian gold
  • Ruby


  • Turquoise blue

I hope you enjoy it! Leave your questions and suggestions, and don't forget to follow!


Valentina Egorova aka Octopaper

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