Original Art, NEW Portrait! Steps + GIF + Video

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Just Finished today and I want to show you how I did it step by step! :)
My name is Nycto for those of you who don't know me yet. I'm pretty new here on steemit and I decided to give you guys something new and never seen anywhere else on my other social sites. Its a study that I completed in about 6 hours. This year I really want to start being more painterly with my studies and so this was some great practice! I also am getting my creative writing skills a good stretch these days.

*"There was a pause, a silence befell her as her eyes locked in with mine. I was frozen. I had only just met her, only just laid my eyes upon her for a moment and yet her stare seemed to lull me into deep, passionate, relaxation. I knew not how long we stood there in that silence, but I wish it could have lasted forever. Even the butterfly upon her extended finger moved not a single fiber, it too in its own trance of this elegant creature. I tried to speak but only a muttered breath escaped, and then she spoke..."

I hope you enjoy :).

Here is my reference, Now Ill try and explain how I went from this photo to the illustration you see before you.

Here we go! I will try and explain as best as I can! :)

Step 1. This first step always includes either a sketch or just some type of loose framework that I will need in order to begin the process! Usually only takes 10-15 minutes. I believe I got this one done in about 5 since its so rough.

Step 2. This is always the most fun.. the first few steps are the ones where you just kinda start throwing down colors and blocking in shadows! Its so rough and simple.

Step 3. Here I start going deeper into the blocking process, I start finding the eyes and the jawline the fingers.

Step 4. At this stage I am about an hour in, thing are starting to take shape. I think now Im going to start really concentrating on her face.

Step 5. The features on a portrait are always the most important.. here you can really start to see the nose taking shape. I must be nearing hour 2. As these steps go on, the longer they are in between because of the level of detail I have to start making.

Step 6. Just more layering at this point here you can see the ear starting to come into focus.

Step 7. This is always a big step, its usually when I walk away for a little bit. Maybe even a day and come back and have to adjust what my eyes couldn't see before! Here you can notice a bunch of changes.. I am at the halfway point. The last 3 steps are about an hour each in duration.

Step 8. Here I began to render and detail the hand, as well as the shirt. You can also notice that I lowered her ear a bit. 2 hours left.

Step 9. This second to the last step is also another favorite of mine. Its when all the hard labor is done, all the shaping and finding the right colors and tones. The background is also complete on this step. Last is always the details. The fine hairs, the little marks on the skin

Step 10. And here we have the finished product! 6 hours of concentrated work, these are never easy but I have definitely learned quite a bit in the past 2 years. :)

Here is a GIF of the whole process! I always love making these, it makes it seem almost magical.

Be sure to check out the video here as well if you like! :)

AND that's all for now guys! Again my name was Nycto and I really hope you enjoyed this. I put my time and effort into everything that I do, so any feedback is always appreciated! =D

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

-Nycto bow.png


This is gorgeous! I think you are definitely getting that more painterly feel! Great post write up as well - Excellent all around! :D

thank you Im glad you think so =D I appreciate the comment! Ill keep on creating.

Very nice post. really amazing art :)

thanks so much @rifkan =D

I just joined to Steemit platform and when i was searching i found ur post. You know how to control the colors, lights & shadows, it's really good work seems like an oil paint in a Ps! :) And i love elves too! much!! :) I focused to art & design whole my life from my childhood and i am still working.. I am also doing digital art works too. I couldn't share my introduce yet but, i will share it as soon as possible, i am so new here!
Followed you, i hope we can keep in touch :)
Good effort and work! Brava!

well its very nice to meet you @simgemngc =D Im glad that you enjoyed my piece and my process. Its been a long hard journey to get where I am today, and I have so much further to go! I will follow you back, hope to see some stuff soon.

Thank you for your kind reply. I feel you, art is taking too much time to be a good and if you feel like 'not enough' your works when you look at it back, you're in the right way. You know.. :)
As soon as possible i will share it my intro! See you! ^^

Great skills! I like your PS tools setup. Also the original photo is very nice too.
Welcome to Steemit btw!

Thank you so much @colicoid =D, and yea it was a really nice photographer that took that! It made a great study. Thanks for the warm welcome.

It's so wonderful ! I love so much ! I would like have your skills ! 0 Congratulations !

thanks so much for saying so emyliana =D Just takes lots and lots of practice!!

Wow this illustration is amazing, you have a lot talend, congratulations!

thank you so much @arteadictorals =D just lots of practice and hard work is all.

Amazing. I am an artist as well so glad to have found you.

I am always impressed with people using photoshop. I do digital art as well, but use painter.

The final result is really good.

Well then thanks for finding me! =D Its great to meet another digital artist! I will definitely watch you back. Thanks so much for the comment and compliment!

You paint with such an ease, congratulations and welcome on Steemit mate. You belong here. We need such talants to improve. Upvote and resteem from me.

Thank you so much for saying so @soulart I will keep on working hard, thank you for the warm welcome :) and for the resteem!! woo!! XD

I love the light that has the final work. I see he is an elf

thank you @guitartech =D and yea I like making even my regular studies into fantasy ^_^

This is incredible, I’m so happy I found you, I’m having a difficult time finding artists in here that I really like! I am excited to see future posts, do you have an Instagram? I’d love to follow you there as well 😍

thanks so much @wildempress and yea there isn't too many artists on here that I can see! But im sure that will change eventually :). you can find me on instagram as @nyctoinc =D I super appreciate the comment. Ill be sure to keep on making art ^_^

Hi! Lovely work. I am an artist/modelmaker and I think our community will only grow. Thanks for sharing your lovely work. I hope to see more soon! :-)

thank you ever so much @andrewsmodels =D I will be sue to keep on working and posting! ^_^

Awesome work and process, thanks for sharing! :D

thank you so much @hakunatime =D nice name btw!

Wow..impressive work of art & technique.
Beautiful drawing!

Woah! This is beautiful! May I know what tablet do you use? Crowdsourcing because I want to get one for myself and i'm still a newbie in the digital art world. 😂 thank you and have a nice day! 😊

sure thing! I use the Cintiq 13HD model and with photoshop :) thanks for commenting!

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thats awesome!! =D thank you so much for letting me know!

Congrats! Beautiful art and great tutorial too :)

You captured the spirit of the photograph and brought something new to it.

It really draws you in. I'd love to go out for a drink with this woman!