Yard5 Festival Berlin - first wall after my accident - NOWARGraffitis

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Finally i m back with spraypaint again!

...this weekend was the Yard5 Graffiti Festival in Berlin and i was part of it. I had a hard time to paint with my arm but i did it slowly and careful.


I had the honor to paint next to the great "OSCH". Very nice and cool guy!
...we had not that much space so we put 3 artists in one picture.

Its "CODE" with his style, "KOON" with the red style and i did the universe, frame and the flying islands and stuff...

check the result:


...me at work!


...i also did this little character after the festival in a session with "BRAIN" at Ostkreuz Berlin.


I hope you had a very nice weekend too!


check also:





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PEACE and love,

-edga NOWARGraffitis


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Really cool, @nowargraffitis ! Looks like an amazing event to take part in and your artwork is very awesome ! Love the dark red tones in your parts, and the flying island looks great too <3

And I'm glad you did this slow and carefully !!! Look after that arm :D

hey thank you so much <3

... it was a nice event and a lot of cool people from all over the world :)

I have to say i feel this weekend in my arm and will rest some days now! i really need this arm!

cheers, all the best!

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That was an amazing collaboration. Congratulations
I admire graffiti artist. I have seen some of them work and I, who can only pencil-draw and erase as often as I please, don't think I'd be able to do what you guys do.
That triplet you produced was fantastic. I'd have loved to see the background of CODE in black, but what do I know.
It's cool that artist can combine their talent in one single place, more so in one single "canvas".

thank you so much for the lovely words!

...you could do it ;) i pretty sure. if you try a lot and spend some time!

yes, me too maybe, but it was the first time i saw CODE and i didnt want to tell him what i want him to paint :P hahaha

Thanks again!



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thanks a lot for support and upvote <3

That is absolutly Amazing 😍 I love this kind of art, but that is beyond anything ive seen before, True art and such a gift you have.
Thank you for sharing and seems like a Great event to go to. Cheers! 🌹

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thank you so much :) so lovely!
its just practice and everyone can do that.

thanks again!

Well if thats only practice then Im scared 😁 cant wait to se what you do when you all in 😉 it really is an art form that seems like so much fun and creativity... Love that... And anyone?
I guess I Stay with drawing with the kids at work... Pretty much were my skills are 😂 Hahahaha

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yeah :) i love to paint and work with kids! they are full with fun and creativity!

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awesome, thank you so much <3

Damn, wär auch gern so begabt :]

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...das lustige ist, dass das gar keine begabung ist, sondern nur übung ;))

Nur wo kann man üben? Vor allem in Bayern?

Find die Farben teilweise schon so teuer.. da kann ich mir kein eigenes Grundstück mit Wänden leisten..^^

...frag an schulen, turnhallen, wände die dir gefallen, ... frag nach, mach ein paar anrufe und du wirst deine eigene bekommen.
bin sicher bei dir um die ecke gibt es auch legale wände :)

...geht mir auch so ;))

(stift und papier geht auch super)

danke für die Motivation :)

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Are these murals going to stay there or will they be removed? I'm planning to go to Berlin soon so I wonder if I'll be able to see this artwork :)

It looks interesting and I love murals.

Thank you for sharing and have a good day!

Dude! Congratulations, Hope and wish you had won some prizes for your effort. It is one of the art form where artists will be able to expose their talent to the public without much headache like in an exhibition like stuff and also general public can enjoy it without the pain of going exclusively to enjoy the art in a seperate place. In some places it is illegal, right?

Any how, all those three artwork are excellent to say the least. You people are really lucky, talented and special people who were having additional blessings from Almighty because not all people can show magic with colors on a plane canvas. And like that it is also to be noted that since you are in steemit, it is also helpful in showing your talent to many people across the globe and they are ready to accept it and appreciate it through up votes and comment. The reason you had got curie Curation. Cheers

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