My Head Exploded

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This is the opening line and you are now reading it.
I'm currently experiencing technical difficulties.

It's late. I can't sleep. I shall now talk to myself and place the words here for you to enjoy. But first, I should probably show you this:

NoNamesLeftToUse  My Head Exploded.png
My Head Exploded


I'm almost satisfied with this post and could stop it right here.

Unfortunately, I have a keyboard with lonely keys. That doesn't even make sense.

I'll delete that later.

I spent way too much time on that artwork thing up there and I still don't know why I made it.

Holy shit. That's one hundred words already. Can you believe you've already read over one hundred words!

This is an art post.

These words are only filler. I want to feel important and important people say a lot of things. Smart things.

How am I doing so far? Good?

Should I maybe try bigger words like:


I can't believe I'm considering publishing this. The whole point of this post is the art.

I'm going for a cigarette while you let that sink in. Art post.

It's an art post.

These words are literally going nowhere.

Why are you still reading this?

You think I'm joking, don't you. You're thinking any minute now, he's going to do something with these words.

You thought wrong.

Nothing to see here at all, except for the art. Look at the art.

Pretend this is like one of those Appics posts and every word here was some kind of inspirational thought therapy.

Now you feel better.

That's what you get for reading this far. You deserve it.

It has been a long time since I did one of these nonsensical rambles about nothing plus art.

Several hours worth of time spent producing art. Incredibly odd looking art.

It's kind of an experiment. It should do a fine job of messing with your head. Of course, if you only spent a couple seconds looking at it, you probably missed most of what's actually there.

I used a lot of red.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

What the hell am I doing?

Writing an art post. I felt this world needed more art posts today.

I already know my art post can't compete with all the local drama and recent developments.

Is there even a community here at the moment? Anyone left?

For sure it'll be quiet today. I'll do something I never do. I'll post this, then go to sleep.

If I wake up to a pile of comments, I'll respond with my cup of coffee in the morning.

I hope you liked the art. If not, that's cool. I only did it to keep my mind occupied. Pardon me if I resemble a vegetable. I wasn't expecting my head to explode.

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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There is a saying in Greece that we use for people that talk a little more than the average that can be translated like:

This guy can talk for 3 hours arguing in favor of the value of silence

I think I ruined it in the translation but it meant to be funny!

Anyway I can't imagine why, but when I read your posts that saying keeps popping in my head :)

LOL! I get it.

It's an art post. There's more art here than just the image. This idiocy only exists to make people smile. It worked.

I mean sure the red was nice...but the words! Mein Gott! The words were potent with immeasurable genius I feel affected. Deeply. Almost ruined...and yet liberated from all previous constrictive frameworks. This could be the making of me! Im going to get these words tattooed over my body and printed all over my walls and dripped in to my medication and engraved in to my tombstone. Essential, superlative, lifegiving changing literature. Your head may have exploded but your words have ascended. x

The big word didn't complicate things too much for you? That's a relief.

No comment reading yet, I'll get to them in a bit.

First thing I saw when I looked was a blue chicken pecking and scratching at the ground. It does look like an exploded head also, and sort of like the three faces of steve, I would have said eve, but they look like guy heads to me,but like they say first impressions. Always a ton of stuff to see

Nearly every inch of this one has, something. Again, there's no need for me to explain what's going on there. Wouldn't want to put those future historians out of work, if you know what I mean.

Yep, got to leave something for people to look at and find and ponder over.

It looks like pagans dancing in the forest... or perhaps, dancing in glee on the bloodied corpses of whatever they killed.

You have eventful weekend hobbies, I take it?

Only when the weekend coincides with a full moon.

Sounds freaky. When's the next circus?

Your invite has been quarantined.

We're going to be eating tree bark if this keeps up.

Puts hair on the chest

Thanks, but...
Is this an art post?

You're welcome.

And to answer your question: Yes.

I'm still here and still looking at the art. Your head appears to have exploded into many heads.

Those are just my thoughts.

How long till the other heads explode?

Damn, I guess I missed the big event.

All the faces! And they're melting! Is it the virus? Should I have sanitized my hands before stroking the mesmerizing colors? IS MY HEAD GOING TO EXPLODE NOW????

No, no, and yes.

I see three heads exploded, and they are even us maybe, or at you...

They're laughing at you, because you only saw three.

Surprisingly, I read the whole post :D I guessed you have already finish your cup of coffee by now :D

I'm actually on sip three. Today, is going to be a good day.

Love the picture and admire someone that can say a lot about nothing at all LOL

The world is simply too serious lately so I thought I'd say nothing about it.

Wow Your head is full of blood. You should be feeling lighter now.

I actually lost my lighter again.

Maybe you don't need it.

Nice faces and the turquoise guy looks like a cross between a hieroglyphic and a Dr Seuss character.