Digital Art: Sakura Party at Night デジタルアート:夜の花見

in art •  9 months ago

(With apologies to @nonameslefttouse, but I had fun in this subthread so I thought I'd once again open up my photo editor and see what came out.)


A night hanami (sakura blossom viewing) party? In the park in the city?

夜の花見? 都会中の公園で?

Sorry, but I've been so busy recently. But next year I'll go for sure.


I wish I could go, but I've been so worn out recently…


I'd like to go, but I'm busy packing to go back home… Hopefully I'll be able to come back to Japan next spring, and then I'll go for sure.


Well, maybe next year…


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Love this digital art. Yozakura always seems to have this air of otherworldliness to me.


夜桜。 Okay, I figured there'd be a nice clean little word for it, but wasn't sure what it might be. Thanks for sharing. :D

And yeah, the way the flowers seem to glow pink against the night sky… it's quite a sight.

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