Art Deco Headpieces Part 1

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I am a big fan of Art Deco and 1920's silent films. I wanted to combine my love for 1920's architecture with popular aesthetics found in silent films of the era (such as costuming). These are my first two pieces of my 4 part collection. All items are hand beaded...which took me 4 weeks to complete. I ended up with DeQuervain's tenosynovitis in my wrists, but it was worth it!!! My whole look with the headpiece and makeup ended up looking more "Goth Deco" which is way better :)



The first headpiece found a home with Vixen Pinup Photography in Kansas City. This last headpiece found a home with a burlesque dancer in Colorado. (I apologize for cutting off the top in the photo)


Great picture, what kind of camera are you using?

Just a smart phone

Those are more nouveau than deco. Nouveau is curved lines; deco is straight lines. I only know because I'm obsessed with the particular art tips I guess :P

Pro Tip: The difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau is not as simple as straight vs curved lines. Art Deco is characterized by geometric lines and some of those lines can be curved. I used elements of symmetry and repetition in my work which are important elements of Art Deco. There are many Art Deco buildings with curved lines (Chrysler Building). When I went on an Art Deco architecture tour in Europe I saw many buildings with broad curved lines. I don't think my pieces have enough "flowery" or natural themes to be Art Nouveau, however my goal was to not make headpieces 100% based on architecture. My goal was to combine elements of 1920's architecture WITH silent film aesthetics and costuming. I think Mae Murray and Ziegfeld Aileen Pringle would approve :P

True it's not really that simple as straight vs curved but when I think deco it's something like this:

But honestly it's not really that important. I wasn't trying to offend or anything like that. I just feel that the geometry of these pieces is more nouveau (the 2nd piece in particular). Which is actually a compliment because I like it better.

But, maybe that didn't come across in my original comment...I was just trying to say something more than just 'fantastic work', 'good job', or 'gold star' or whatever.

Thank you for the clarification. If you look at popular Art Deco wallpaper designs you will see the "fan chevron" pattern I used (in the first piece) is quite common. Circles and fringe are less common, however I wanted to add elements of silent film costuming.

In my opinion Art Nouveau is more asymmetrical with organic flowing lines. I think of flowers, leaves, vines, and nature. Actually, the robe I am wearing in the first picture Art Nouveau.

I will be making a green fairy inspired Art Nouveau headpiece soon so stay tuned!

Great piece. You are quite beautiful indeed. A devastating combination of modernity and antiquity.

Such grand headpieces, the second one is pretty fun. They both really suit the model. Nice work!

Thanks! I am the model. These are just simple "selfies"

Hope you post more often. : ) Big admirer of the subject matter and your aesthetic.

I will try to post once a week, however it takes a long time to make these headpieces!

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