Nicole's working moment #1 : Painting of dinosaur

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Work with Nicole ✍🏻

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I have been start researching of different kinds of dinosaurs recently, especially T-rex!
This is all because of my job in reality, a designer who works for events :p
We started preparing the biggest event in this year, which is about dinosaurs!
And I had painted some T-rex during work today. 🎨


What will I do?

I will be responsible for the design part, mainly graphic, for this event :)
Each of the event will defiantly go through many stages, I will be sharing all these stages during this coming event :P

Design Stage 1: Research

I still had no ideas what is the theme colours or styles. I had been doing research through the whole weeks and brainstorming for the designs. I had just painted some T-rex today for me to understand more about how a T-rex looks like.





Hope you will like my painting today :P And I should go back for researching now!

Untitled-1-01.jpg follow-01.jpgnicole-01.jpg


Dear Artist ! FineArtNow is a new place for artists on Steemit ! Become our friend ! See you soon !

try becoming a watercolor tattoo artist haha. nice to meet you @nicolemoker

Hi I followed you! I also draw digital art.:)

Great job, @nicolemoker! Is there any pencil sketch beneath the painting or you started painting straightaway? Very good proportions and highlights

yes, i did basic pencil sketch for outlining the dinosaurs only, perhaps i should take photos of the pencil sketch next time :)

Huh very interesting to be honest, I'm not a painter or artist by any means but I just have a thing for processes, always inspirational to see.

Will actually make sure to stay tuned for your following posts to see how it turns out, hell what do I know about being an artist in Hong Kong? 😉

Otherwise, if you're into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around! :)

Cool...Thats just great. Never knew being an event designer was this fun. definitely hitting the follow button. Thanks for sharing.

I thought this was a post about eyeshadows.

should be the next one hahaha :P


Really nice colors, I like the tones you selected!

画得好棒 👍有点low poly的感觉 正好赶上#1啊 哈哈 期待更多

Beautiful piece of work dear friend ! Upvoted !!


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