Nicole's little moment : Ceramic workshop with @krischy

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Hi Steemians,

How are you? I hope you are doing good today :)
@Krischy and me went to a ceramic workshop last weekend.😊
( We had tried ceramic once like 10 years ago...when we were kids...haha)
We created 2 little plates with some tiny decorations this time💓 Ceramic marking was too difficult for me LOL We spent like 3 hours for such a small plate.

上星期我跟 @krischy 去了一個陶瓷工作坊。😊 (我們之前也試過玩陶瓷,那時候還是個孩子吧,應該10年前了哈哈)
這次我們造了2隻小碟加一點小裝飾💓 我覺得陶瓷對我來說實在太難了!我們用了3小時去完成一隻小碟呢。

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congrats, I always liked to work with clay, when I was little kid, it always a pleasure to work with your hands and see the product of your work

This is so cool @nicolemoker ! ceramics and sculpture have been a big part of my life for
Years :) I find great peace when I’m sculpting..

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好好玩!你好漂亮 很高兴认识你

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