Drawing process of a sleeping baby (watercolor)

in art •  5 months ago 

Today I drew a wonderful sleeping baby hugging a teddy bear 🧸. She's so cute 👼:


Drawing process 🎨:

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Your drawing is pretty good. I really enjoyed watching you creating the whole painting in the video. So peaceful and calm, it's a nice art to see.
Congratulations for your second curie vote, Natalia ^_^.


Thank you! That warms my heart to hear that))

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Very nice painting. I particularly enjoy how you captured the light on the left arm.


Thanks a lot!

The baby is indeed cute. At the first look I thought it was a photograph. I don't know why but if you don't look at the background it does look like a photograph.. The colors that you used made it look so soft and sweet. I love that pink tone.. oh, and that teddy bear :) I want one like this too! :)

Thank you for sharing!


Thank you so much!!! So nice to hear this) And teddy bear is from IKEA ;)

@natamurr, the baby so cuteee.. How long you took to complete the drawing, the video look very fast 😊 you refer to a photo while you draw? The baby look so natural, i love it so much. You are so talented.

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Thank you! I'm happy you like it 😊 It took about 2 hours from white paper till finish. I was inspired with a photo of this little angel 👼


The baby so cuteee.. i like it @natamurr. 2 hours to finish that painting consider very fast..

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Hello there!

Excellent drawing! 😍😍

Truly she is one cute baby with her sleeping buddy teddy bear.

You are quite talented miss @natamurr! I hope you have more videos of your craft. I enjoyed watching it from drawing and painting from scratch till the finish output..

But if I may, i would suggest that you use @dtube as your form of medium of your videos. Im pretty sure the #dtubefamily organized by @nathanmars will be happy to have you.

Happy Sunday.. Cheers! ❤

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Thank you for your advice and warm words)) I will learn about it)))

Hi... its me again! I kinda stalk your profile.. i did saw a lot of your works, they are just as beautiful.

Though I noticed you have not done any #INTRODUCEYOURSELF post. You might want to make one. Checkout the tag so you could have idea what to make. Introductions are really important, it conveys of who you are and what you have got to share to the community. People like me would want to know more about you other than your masterpieces.. 😉❤

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Great idea!!! Thank you! I will certainly write such post!!

Wonderful ! It is such a delight to watch your arting process and the result is a very pretty drawing, with an adorable baby ... so peaceful and so beautiful !


Thank you a lot! This baby really adorable and so peaceful) I really liked to paint this little baby girl)

Wow see the whole process in your video is wonderful, you have an impressive technique because it looks super real skin.

Beautiful painting of that baby, I loved what you did, a big hug @natamurr


Thank you! I take so much inspiration by such support!)

Que belleza de acuarela, es fascinante el proceso en el video, eres toda una artista en dibujo de acuarela, Te felicito! por tu hermosa obra de arte, que sigan los éxitos ¡Cuéntame! ¿Cómo te sentiste con el voto curie? Cariños y besos @natamurr