Drawing of half-naked girl

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Hi, everybody
I want to share with you one of my works that I did in College. In fact, it is very difficult for me to draw a human figure. For me ,the main difficulty is that drawing comes from a sitter, not from a photo.With a sitter who moves, distracted, tired. the process of drawing takes several hours a day and lasts about a couple of weeks.







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This is great especially since the model is a sitter who moved around. Must be rather difficult and frustrating sometime. You captured the body movement nicely though, good job :).

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Very nice, Nastya! I like how you shade and achieve definition of the stomach area, the way you use subtle light and shadows really form the volume of the figure well :)

I also like how you captured the model's expression, she does seem like a person who's easily distracted and would be having difficulty sitting still for long stretches of time.

Really like your lines, too :) They are very expressive !

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