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RE: Fantasy is a woman - a painting for ART EXPLOSION WEEK 53: Theme FANTASY

in #art4 years ago

I love your painting and also I really like the way you explain the meaning .. It's a great participation to the contest I predict a lot of success

You can not imagine how complicated it is for me to make a drawing without a previous sketch and you have made it look so easy, that is AMAZING

A big hug @neumannsalva


Thank you so much!!! It is always so nice to get feedback (especially if it so nice as yours <3) But it isn't easy for me either... there many paintings which go wrong or which I do not like at the end. If I am honest I mostly like my paintings for exactly 5 minutes and then I hate them (I know, not a good attitude... I must work on this)
I do not make everything without sketches, but I noticed, that the paintings without are often more vivid and direct. So, I try to follow this way...
Thank you for stopping by <3

It happens to me that while I make a pencil sketch I love it a lot, and when I start to ink it stops liking and I think it is not being what I want, when I see the final result (in photographs) I realize how well it has been, and That's when I feel proud of what I did: D I think that distrusting our work is something that happens to all artists

Yes, you are right. But nevertheless it is strange how relationsships to and emotions over ones artworks behave :-D

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