"Radiance" - 11th layer = Green - work in progress

in art •  9 months ago 

Am I slow or what!!!.... Well, it doesn't dry as fast during the monsoon season, and multiple works taking my attention away.
Also to get back to the painting ask me time to re-acquaint myself with the work in progress....
I look at my painting more than I paint in this moment.

In fact, I appreciate the slowness of it all.... what a luxury in our time


Slideshow of the 10 previous layers

More about the full technic in 14th layers:

follow the next 3 layers. ENJOY THE PROCESS

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ohh my ! the green really lights up the painting <3 wonderful !!


yes it does next layer is Indigo. the change there will not be has dramatic

beautiful colors.


thank you!

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Thanks for the support

Taking time is definitely worth it in your case. It progressively enriches your painting. Thinking paintings should be done quickly is a recent attitude. During the Renaissance, 6 months was considered a normal delay for a painting.


yeah i am glad i finally don't stress about it.....