"Radiance" Work in Progress 10/14th layer

in art •  10 months ago  (edited)


Not yet finish..... i have still 4th more layer to go... but couldn't resist to make a slideshow. Enjoy the process and follow the next four layers.

More about the full technic in 14th layers:

▶️ DTube
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Thank you very much for your support

I caught this in the Curation Collective on Discord. Yes, I know the feeling when you are not quite done yet, but itching to show. Looking forward to the finished work.
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Thanks Otto!!!!

Really beautiful, @nadversion56 ! I look forward to the next four layers !!


Thank you, next layer is green

Looking stunning already Nad. =)


Thanks Leo!! Yeah at every layers it could be finish now. Now i will reentering the cool colours...Next layer will be green


Green light is GO!