A Look Into My Sketchbook: Portrait painting in watercolours

in art •  8 months ago

Hi Steemit, 

Today, I wanted to share with you my process in creating these illustrations, that I have made for the 100heads challenge. 

I got most of the reference pictures from sktchy. This really cool app artist/muses, go check it out!

Here are the drawings: 

They all start with a loose fineliner sketch that for the first one, looked a bit like this: 

I then go ahead and grab my watercolour set and add some color and shading where I see fit. 

What's cool about already having the fineliner sketch is that it lets me be really loose in the watercolour part. 

I just got a tripod, so I'm planning on filming the painting process, would you be interested in seeing that?

Thanks for checking this post out! 

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Excellent use of watercolors, beside great drawings @nadejdaalienor.


Thank you so so much @jungwatercolor!

My fellow artist @nadejdaalienor, You have been added to a weekly round-up artist support initiative future! Keep up the good work and wish you all the best in your art future! MeGy :)

13th weekly round-up post: https://steemit.com/art/@megy.fine.arts/support-to-artists-my-6-picks-13-06-2018

Really awesome portrait watercolour sketches, @nadejdaalienor ! These are very interesting and very expressive~ Welcome back to Steemit, too <3


Thanks so much @veryspider!! I'm always glad when the work turns out expressive! And thank you, it has indeed been a while!

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I'd love to see the process on video.

Visiting from #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers

Love these pieces of yours! :)

These are really wonderful pieces of art! Your technique is awesome! Great job! 😊
Visiting your blog from the #steemitbloggers group!

You have a unique style of sketching, would love to see the process video soon.

From the family of #steemitbloggers.